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Friday, September 24, 2010

Moon Superstitions (Part 1)

There are many Superstitions concerning the moon for both the east and west.

Since it is the Moon festival Month, this month in the lunar calendar, let's look into some of them.

1) Seeing a new moon for the first time on a Monday will bring you good luck.

2)If the first time you, see a new moon is over your right shoulder it is a sign of having fun.

3) If you happen to be holding something, in both of your hands when you see the new moon for the first time you will never want for anything.

4) If you see a red moon, it is a sign of war.
Stare at a full moon closely and you will a boy and his bog burning bush.

5) Another rendition says to use a magnifying glass and look at the full moon and you will see a woman with a dog burning bush.

6) Some say you can see the man's axe and dog in the moon.

7) If the moon shines in your face as you lie in the bed at night,
you'll die during the very year.

8) It is a general belief that it is dangerous to sleep with the moon
shining on the face. If the moon shines on fish, they will spoil.

9) Horses will be cured of any one of several diseases if you will
insert a bit of silver--a dime is the favorite coin--in the part
affected; but it is imperative that you do this by the light of the

10) The Chinese have believed for many years in superstitious acts because of the strong belief that certain actions would grant rewards and prosperity. While not everyone still believes in such superstitions, there are those that still firmly consider them. Getting accustomed with the Chinese superstitions and traditions may help those who plan to travel to China or are thinking about adopting a child from China. In any case, while visiting please remember to never point to the beautiful Chinese moon, your ears may fall off!


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