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Sunday, September 26, 2010

3rd door bunk of old Pulau Tekong BMTC

By The SAF Regular

This 3rd door story is pretty famous in the old BMTC of Singapore in Pulau Tekong. There are many versions to this story. The following is just one of them.

It has been said there was this teenager while during a road march in the middle of the night in a forested area of the island died and then came back to haunt his platoon mates.

it was at a certain part of the forest that the platoon drop by and then he said he wanted to urinate. He went into the darkness to urinate. However there was some cock ups. Not relizing that he wasn't back, the platoon left without him.

later they discover that among them someone was missing. they searched for throughout the island and went back to last place where he disappeared from. However after searching the whole night, none of them found anything.

The next day during the early morning, they went to search for him again and this time, he was found ! however...

When they found him, it was his corpse that they found. All of his internal organs, blood veins, skeleton, flesh, skin etc...... were being very nicely place in a very neat and tidy order at the exact same location when this boy last disappeared to urinate.

His corpse was found very near to a tree, which was believed to be the tree he urinated at. Probably there was something about this tree. It was later believed and rumoured that this boy urinated at this tree which had some spirits inside. he had urinated at the wrong tree and he forgot his manners of apology. firstly, this is a processed tree, and secondly before urinating or shitting in the wild , one should apologize to the unknow of the wild. He must have forgot !

As a result, the punishment this boy had received from the tree spirit was a human scrafice.

Perhaps this boy stood a chance of being discovered and saved from being a scrafice to the tree spirit, initially but because his platoon discovered he was missing very late and began their search for him late, this boy lost his life as a result.

since then, this boy began haunting his fellow platoon mates in the bunk every night. Every single night all of his fellow platoon mates would have experiences of being haunted inside the bunk at night. His own buddy had the worst among everyone.

However, they were still able to survive the haunting and have their BMT completed. After this group of platoon has passed out from BMT ( Basic Military Trainning), another brand new batch took over this bunk.

This new batch did not really know much of what had happened previously. sad to say, there was another boy who slept at the bed of this deceased, and he had alot of bad experiences and encounters.

Of everyone in his platoon and Bunk, he was the one and only one who had extremely terrible haunting experiences.

every single night, the spirit of the deseased with haunt this boy with everything he got for sleeping on his bed

but the problem was that absolutely nobody saw, heard or felt anything. the one and only person who has been seeing things, hearing things, feeling many strange things and dreaming of things was only him.

when he yelled and shouted and scream during the night when sleeping, there was nothing that others saw. ALL BLANK ! absolutely nothing !

As a result of such, no one believed a word or thing he said or claimed.

Nobody could understand how much he had suffered !

one fine day, when he could no longer take it any longer, this boy went into the toliet to commite suiside !

Ever since then, the cupborad next to the bed he slept on would always be shaking like anything at night, every single night without fail.

since then, no one ever occupy that particular bunk !

years later, another new batch not knowing of the past stories moved in. The haunting began as per usual.

this time, this new management decided to engaged a taoist priest to excorist the spirit.

what the priest said , was that a third door was needed in this bunk for the spirit to leave. he explained that a spirit was trapped and cannot leave this room.

the cupboard was shifted away and he pasted a paper with some drawings on the wall. he decleared that a third door was needed at that location for the spirit to leave freely.

after the exorism was done, it has been said that there was no more hauntings any longer.

today this bunk is left vacant again according to what many have said.........


  1. hi i was wondering where you get this story from? As they are many version of this story for a very long time. do u know which BMTC? Have you visited there?

  2. Hi Anonymous, this story is common knowledge among many men who have served NS. There are a lot of different versions of it, what we have posted here is just one of them.

    Basically the premise is all the same - 1 recruit goes missing during route march, ends up dead, haunts his bunk.

    As far as our research goes, this incident happened in a bunk in 'C' company in the old BMTC in Pulau Tekong.

    Personally, 1 of our staff had the "privilege" to stay overnight at the old BMTC for outfield training during his NS days. (The camp has since been long abandoned)

    Unfortunately, even after a thorough search, he was unable to locate any bunk with 3 doors.

    Hope this answers your queries. Thanks!


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