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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Top 10 Best UFO Photos Ever

by Joan Seth

Coming along from the 10 best ghost photos, we now present to you 10 cases of the best photographic evidence to support that UFOs exist in this world. However, do take a look at them with a open mind, as photo manipulation or hoaxing could have produced them.

1. Belgian UFO wave

From November 1989 till April 1990, a series of sightings of triangular shaped UFOs occurred in Belgium. This photo, taken by J.S. Henrardi, showed one of the UFOs flying in the air. The Belgian Air Force examined the photo but could not offer any plausible explanations for it.

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2. Trindade Island UFO

This photo was taken on Trindade Island on January 16, 1958. A crew of explorers taking part in a scientific project witnessed the UFO. To this day because of the certification of the witnesses and the official recognition, the object in the pictures remain unexplained.

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3. Tremonton UFO

A Navy photographer named Delbert Newhouse and his wife witnessed a formation of brilliant metallic looking disc shaped objects in the sky. The officer immediately took photos of it, and after careful evaluation by experts at the Photo Reconnaissance Laboratory of the Air Force Intelligence, they declared them genuine.

[More Info]

4. Massachusetts UFO

Shel Alpert, saw four brilliant lights in the sky at Salem, Massachusetts on July 16, 1952. He called another Guardsman to see the lights, but in those few seconds the lights had become more dim. When they brightened again, he quickly took a single photograph through the window of the office. This photo has been published in many books, newspapers and magazines.

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5. Gulf Breeze UFO

Over Gulf Breeze, Florida in 1987, a series of sightings occurred. Ed Walters, a contractor from the area, took some very extraordinary UFO photos. He also claimed to have seen humanoid aliens. The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), an American organization dedicated to investigating UFO claims all over the world, investigated Walters' photos and concluded they were genuine.

[More Info]

6. Ilkley Moor Sighting

On the morning of 1st December, police officer Alan Godfrey claimed that he came across an alien entity while crossing the Moor, in the county of Yorkshire. He described the being as small, humanoid and green.

Godfrey managed to take a quick photograph of it, which seemed to startled the entity. He gave chase and was amazed to see a metallic domed spaceship behind a rock formation. He could not remember what happened in the next two hours; however, under hypnosis, he said he was abducted by the aliens and shown some images pertaining to Earth's environmental destruction.

[More Info]

7. Mariana UFO incident

This sighting occurred in Great Falls, Montana, in August 1950. Nick Mariana and his secretary, witnessed two bright silvery objects, rotating while flying over Great Falls. He rushed to his car, retrieved his camera and managed to film some footage of the UFOs.

[More Info]

8. McMinnville UFO Photos

The McMinnville UFO photographs were taken on a farm near McMinnville, Oregon in 1950. The photos have since been subject to a fierce debate, with many UFO experts claiming them to be true, while skeptics insisting they are fraud.

Paul and Eveyln Trent, who owned the farm, took the photos and subsequently, they had not received any fame or fortune from publicizing the photos.

[More Info]

9. Rex Heflin Photos

Rex Heflin, a highway inspector, was at work on August 3, 1965 In Santa Ana, California, when he saw a rod shaped object hovering in the air above his truck. He managed to take a few photos before the UFO flew away.

Experts from UPI (United Press International) and National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) examined the photos and concluded they were genuine.

[More Info]

10. Solway Firth Astronaut

On 23 May 1964, Jim Templeton took his 5 year old daughter to Burgh Marsh, situated near Burgh by Sands and overlooking the Solway Firth in Cumbria, England for a day trip. He took some photos of her, and after developing, noticed that one of the photos seemed to show a figure "floating" behind her.

Templeton claims that the only other people on the marsh that day were some old ladies and that no one else was in the photo frame when he took the pictures. Furthermore, other photos of the girl in the same pose did not show the floating figure.

On closer analysis, the figure seems to be wearing a astronaut's space suit. But what would be an astronaut be doing out in the open field in the middle of the day wearing a space suit? And it seemed to be floating in mid air at an awkward angle.

Kodak experts have analysed the photo and declared them genuine, but were unable to offer any reasonable explanation for them. They offered a reward to anyone who comes forward to explain the photo. Till date, it has not been claimed.

[More Info]

[Debunking the myth]

Some pictures and text in this article are granted permission to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; and as such are reproduced in this article.


  1. Articles r insightful...:)

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. :)

  3. These pictures are pathetic. With the number of cameras out there, is this all we have, fuzzy dubious pictures? C

  4. the photos were very amazing....

  5. Can i colect the reward for the last picture right now?It's a man turned away from the girl wearing white sweater,you can learly see hand,and elbows,well his right elbow anyway... Contact me for my bank account info.


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