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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Weird images captured by Google Earth

by Joan Seth

The power of Google Earth offers unlimited potential to all of its users. You can practically examine and find any spot on the planet Earth or even the Moon. Here's a series of images that were captured by users that might have some paranormal hint to them.

Greek columns on a building in Nevada

A bottomless pit in Libya

Capsized ship in Iraq

A crop circle in Nevada desert

A giant rabbit in Italy

A red lake in Iraq

Sunken ship in Lake Huron

A giant human like shadow close to Area 51 with other weird things by it. The shadow measures out to be about 90 feet.

Dinosaur maze in England

Swastika Building

More swastika buildings in Kenya

Missing planes?

Mysterious figure

Pacman crop circle

Strange patterns over Utah

Underwater ruins in Atlantic Ocean - Atlantis?

A huge UFO spotted?

Firefox crop circle in Oregon

The Badlands Guardian in Alberta, Canada

Google Earth imagery are reserved for personal use. Asia Paranormal preserve the copyrights and attributions including the Google logo attribution, and as such, are reproduced here.
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  1. these images are freaky!

  2. the blood lake freaked me out!
    i think the end of the world is coming!

  3. you guys are too easy lol

  4. IT's cool looking! xD For some odd reason

  5. That was creepy but some pictures were not that scary at all and i know that this is fake and there is no such thing as panormal places

  6. Image #4 isn't a crop circle and can be easily explained.

  7. For anyone who was wondering, the Red Lake in Iraq, isn't really a lake at all. In fact, it's near Sadr City, Iraq on the northern border of Baghdad. I have seen it in person while stationed at the a US Army FOB Eagle. Which name was later changed to FOB Hope. The body of water turns red during the hottest part of the summer due to some sort of bacteria in the water. The water itself is mostly sewage water, seeing that the people of that area have no real way to recycle or dispose of the dirty water.
    I've seen dead people, animals and even a car or two in the water at one time or another. Animals don't drink it, people don't usually go near it, but there are some small farms that use it for water crops. The the SMELL, well let's just say,"if you haven't been there, there's no way to describe it."


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