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Master Orthodox Occultist Oregon Chang, The 17th generation Disciple of Seven Stars Sword Master Hebei China

Saturday, August 27, 2011

8/11/11 Gulf Tsunami

Master Oregon note: The following story has been edited for correctness and clarity.

This is a reader contribution from our reader, Jay Essex, who can be reached at unclejay2010@live.com

Hey folks. I wanted to add a couple things to my message about the 8/11/11 Gulf Tsunami. First, this is not the end of the world coming. Everyone is leaving no later than 2266. 2135 is when the Earth starts kicking up a lot of dust. Gaia is evolving too. She's Planetary Essence. There will be 34 thousand dead or missing in the U.S. and a million or more world wide.

This is not about me. I simply am. You're receiving this from me because you need your initial proof that I am in constant communication with the Creator, both Mother and Father.

This is all about you and your evolution. Negativity is being taken out of the picture slowly but surely. That's why they're freaking out taking over most of the Middle East and where ever else they can dominate. I'm leaving in late 2018. There are 4 more planets left to deal with. When I go the majority, almost all, of the truly dark stuff on this planet will be taken away and kept from returning.

The Earthen Human bodies are going to be returning to the original 12 strand DNA format that I brought when I first came here. Myself and the other 4 Adams and Five Eves have had to come here 5 times. We won't need to come again. Your Souls are evolving also. The Animals, Plants, everything is evolving or being taken out of the equation.

Some of you have said I'm some nut that wants to be noticed and in the public eye. It's my job, again, but I don't look forward to being annoyed. I save animals, have no money and don't care for being rich. I like solitude. I'm moving from the Atlanta area next year.

It's simply time for all you wonderfu Souls to realize who you are and for the Dark Annunaki, some are of the Light, to leave. The family we all have from other planets, that you will see in the sky in massive numbers, are 99.9% our friends. Almost all visiting family here are our brothers and sisters. Let's act civil and not shoot at them when they appear.

Check in with David Wilcock for when they will announce themselves in this manner. I'm not allowed to say, this is his. The physical and metaphysical realms are about to embrace each other. You will all start waking up. This was the whole plan, the Creator's plan. You folks have no idea how very special and gifted you are. I'm going to show you this, and a lot more.

Please feel free to think what you will, and say what you want. Free will is a very important gift and should always be used. Anyone who puts themselves above you, is false and only about themselves over you. Mother and Father Creator put themselves at the same level of importance as they do you. They are incredible parent. They do not want to be worshipped. They do appreaciate your Love and Understanding.

Be Strong. Be Compassionate. Be Free and of Free Will. I'll take care of the darkness. Just go inside yourself and say hello, to you and your Creator. I'll see all of you very soon.

Aramaeleous-Jay Essex

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