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Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Have Been to Hell ( Jennifer Perez)

Picture is (C) copyright to Jennifer Perez

Hell Is Real, I know, I went there", says Jennifer Perez.

This precious testimony is of a 15 year old girl who was raised in a Christian home. She later backslid in her walk, found herself overdosing on drugs, dieing, and being sent to Hell. Fortunately, she was given a second chance and mission to go back and warn the lost, backslidden, and lukewarm with an urgent message.

They took me to a place, and when I looked to see where I was, it was heaven! The first thing that I saw was a great big wall. It was white and stretched out so far that it didn't have any end. In the middle of the wall was a door, a long door, but it was closed.

In the Old Testament, Moses speaks of the tabernacle and describes its features. And I remembered this, and I saw that the wall looked like it. Right besides the door, there was a large chair, and there was a smaller chair on the right side. And they looked like they were made out of gold. On my right side, there was a large black door, it was so dark around, but I knew it was a door becaue of the knob. It was an ugly door. But on my left side there was a paradise, there were trees, a crystal clear water fall, grass. It was such a peaceful place, but there was nobody there.

I looked and I saw the Father in front of me, I couldn't see His face, because His glory, it was so big, so bright, it shined and lit up all heaven. His glory made everything bright. There was no sun, no moon, no stars, He was the light. I did see His body, and his body was with the Son, they were one inside each other, they were together, you could see the separation of them, but they were one inside the other, they were together.
Right beside them were 2 angels, Gabriel and Michael. The reason I knew their name was because it was written on their foreheads in Gold.

When I was in front of the Father, I felt dirty! I fell to my knees and cried. I was very ashamed of myself. Even if I could see their faces, I didn't want to, because I was ashamed of myself. As I was there in front of the Lord, He showed me a movie of my life, from the beginning until now. He told me that the most important part was the things that I did after I was saved. I told my friends I was a Christian, but in fact I didn't show my fruits. And He told me that I was destined to go to Hell.

The angel Gabriel came and grabbed me by my arm. He took me to that ugly black door that I didn't even want to look at. I tried to stop myself, but I was in spirit, and we went through the door. When I was on the other side of the door, it was dark all around, I couldn't even see myself. Then we started to fall really fast, like a roller coaster. As I was falling it was getting hotter and hotter. I closed my eyes, I didn't want to see where we were.

When we stopped, I opened my eyes, and I was standing on a great road. I didn't know where it lead to. But the first thing that I felt there was thirst. I was really thirsty! I kept telling the angel "I'm thirsty, I'm thirsty" But it was like he didn't even hear me. I started to cry, and when the tears ran down my cheeks, they completely evaporated. There was the smell of sulfur, like burning tires. I tried to cover my nose, but that made it even worse. All my 5 senses were very sensitive. When I tried to cover myself, I could smell the sulfar even more. Also, all those little hairs on my arms, they just disappeared. I felt all the heat, it was very hot.

When I started looking around, I saw people being tormented by demons. There was a lady there suffering, a demon was torturing her. This demon would cut off her head and with his long spear he would stab her everywhere. He didn't care. In her eyes, in here body, in her feet, in here hands, he didn't care. Then he would put her head back on her body and would stab her and stab her. She would cry with screams of agony.

Then I saw another demon, this demon was torturing a young man about the age of 21-23. This man had a chain around his neck, and was standing in front of a pit of fire. This demon would stab him everywhere with a long spear, in his eyes, everywhere. Then the demon would grab him by his hair and with the chains he would throw this man into this pit of fire, then take him back out and would stab him and stab him. This would go on continually, and every time he would go inside that pit, I couldn't hear his screams, but when the demon would take him out, he would scream with agony. I tried to cover my ears because the sound was so horrible, but I could still hear. My hearing was more sensitive.

I looked at another demon, and this demon was ugly, the other 2 were ugly to, but this one was the ugliest. He had characteristics of many different animals, I can't even explain it with words. He would go around and scare people, and the people would be really scared.

And then I saw another demon, but this demon was a beautiful demon, he looked like an angel of God, but he wasn't. The difference between the angels of God and the demons, was that the demon did not have their name written on their forehead with Gold, but the angels of God did.

After that, I looked back at the angel Gabriel, and he was looking up. I though he didn't want to see the others being tortured. I thought to myself, "why is he still here? Aren't I suppose to be there waiting for my turn to be tortured?" I was also thirsty. And I cried out to the angel, "I'm thirsty I'm thirsty!", I think he heard me because he looked down on me, and he said, "the Lord is going to give you one more chance."

Immediately when he said that, all my thirst, all my agony, all my hurting, it just went away. I felt peaceful. And then he grabbed me by my hand and we were about to rise, but suddenly I heard my name being called, "Jennifer, Help me, Help me!" I looked down. I wanted to see who it was, but when I did the flames blocked their face. It sounded like a girl's voice. I could only see her hands stretched out, wanted me to help her. I had such a desire, such a want to help her. When I tried, I couldn't, because my hand went right through hers. I wanted to help her so much, but you see, she didn't have any hope. I couldn't help her.

And then I looked around and I saw my friends, people that I knew, and other people. They looked familiar but I didn't know who they were. I didn't know their lives, but when I saw friends from my school there, it hurt me!. I though to myself, "maybe the bad testimony that I was giving them, of saying that I was a Christian but turning back, made them not want to know about God, and turn away from Him. Maybe it was me that brought them their". That's what I thought. I saw that in Hell there is no time, there is no past, present, future, everything is the same, they are destined to go their. But like I said in the beginning, I don't want to make up any doctrine, but that is what I saw their. The people that I saw there are still alive today.

Then the angel took me back into the presence of God. When I was standing before Him I was on my knees crying and crying. I still didn't want to look upon His face, because I was ashamed of myself. But the Lord, with such sweetness in His voice said, "I love you" Just like He loves you who are listening to me. But He told it directly to me. He said He forgave me for everything that I have done when I offended Him. He forgave me.

God looked at me and He showed me many things. He showed me the world, the earth. Around the earth I saw something soft, like the ozone layer, it was around the world, it looked very soft, and I had such a desire to touch it. When I touched it, I realized it was the Holy spirit, because it baptized me, and I began to speak in other tongues.

During that time, I looked up and many evil spirits came out of me. When I would get high and do drugs, that would mess with my mind and would open doors, and these evil spirits would come into me. They would torture me. The way that I would act was not really me, it was the evil spirits inside of me. In the Word of God it says that when your house is cleaned, evil spirits would try to come back by bringing 7 other evil spirits. My house was cleaned when I got saved. And I saw these evil spirits when I was being babtised, they have 7, and those have other 7, and those had other 7, and I couldn't even count them all! But the Lord cleaned me of all those evil spirits.
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