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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ouija Board - A History

Written by Jason Sieckman
Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I remember I was about six when my 16-year- old sister had several of her girlfriends at our home for a slumber party. I was not interested in girls yet so the night was extremely uneventful for me. At least most of the night was uneventful. The only interesting part of that night came late in the evening when I heard loud screaming coming from inside her bedroom. Then her bedroom door flew open with such force that it sucked the air out of the hallway where I was.

I saw my sister run out of her darkened room and then accost my mother as she was watching television in the living room. I do not remember what she said, but I remember she was hysterical. All I remember next was our mother, wearing her irritated face, came into the hallway, charged my sister’s room, turned on the lights, and told all the girls that she was taking the “Wee Gee Board” and that everyone had to go to bed. None of the girls protested; they actually looked relieved.

This was the moment when my fascination with the Ouija Board began. Just the look on my sister’s face convinced me that there were magical powers in that board. What six-year-old little brother would not want to somehow wield the power of a board that could terrify his annoying older sister almost to the point of tears.

My memory of this incident is vague with the passage of years. As I grew older I began to realize that there is far more to this enigmatic board game than just a tool to terrorize a sibling. I learned that some people thought that it was a communication device with the spirit world.

I learned that some people believed it was a dangerous tool that, when used, might inadvertently summon a demon, or worse. The mystical and antiquated box the board came in was enough to convince me of its magical powers. Years later I began to notice that the thing was sold at “Toys R Us” and that “Parker Brothers” was stamped on the side of the box. As an adult I eventually became a paranormal investigator. Once I started studying the occult, I learned that this portal to the other side might actually be nothing more than a misunderstood parlor trick.

So what is the Ouija Board?

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