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Master Orthodox Occultist Oregon Chang, The 17th generation Disciple of Seven Stars Sword Master Hebei China

Friday, August 26, 2011

Spiritual Healing in Malaysia

Master Oregon note: The following story has been edited for correctness and clarity.

This is a reader contribution from our reader, Ranjit, who can be reached at ranjitmac@gmail.com

My name is Ranjit and I am a spiritual healer. I am based in Ipoh, Malaysia. I can assist victims of witchcraft, spells, voodo, charms etc. My treatment is purely prayer based with no rituals or mumbo-jumbo. I only HEAL and not HARM anyone by casting any spells or spirits.

Case Study
A family of four sought my help to eradicate a demon that was agonising them for 15 years. The couple could not enjoy a decent sleep for even three hours at a stretch. They were constantly harassed by the demon in their bedroom and this led them to several nervous breakdowns over the years. The lack of sleep over a prolonged period affected their health seriously so much so that the husband had to quit his job (since he was the worst affected). This inevitably led to a fall in their income to sustain the family. Even their two boys (aged 8 and 10) were not spared. Both of them suffered partial blindness together. As a result, they were put on medication with numerous side effects on their health. All this was spiritually induced. They NEVER had any physical problems. They sought help from various witch-doctors, shamans and bomohs but to no avail.

After treating them the first night, the couple slept like babies without any interruptions in their sleep. This bolstered their confidence in my treatment. As I treated them spiritually, I saw clearly the gravity of their problem. The husband's parents were dead set against the marriage and they resorted to witchcraft to break the family apart. All their care and concern were pure drama. Finally, I had to evict the devil from the couple's house and it went straight back to its sender. Now, the husband's parents are in agony. The husband's parents are seeking their son's forgiveness. But it is already too late. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW! The reaping came with compounded interest for doing evil onto others.

Witchcraft is heavily practised by the educated and uneducated alike in South East Asia. To secure promotions in a job, to gain the love of someone, to break-up families, to destroy competition in business are some of the services provided by mediums or bomohs (as they are known in Malaysia). It is a very real thing and only those who have gone through it know its destructive force!

My spiritual treatment for others is relatively simple. Since I am into evicting evil spirits out of people, I will touch the palms of the recipient to find out the status of his/her soul. Two things are achieved by this. I will be able to assess the strength of the soul and find out if there is any other evil attached to the soul. Here is where I apply my 'spiritual knife' creating a 'spiritual incision' into the soul. Everything is laid bare for me to see deep into the soul. This is where my 'salvage operation' begins where I infuse my energy into the soul to awaken it out of its deep slumber and shackles.

Any encumbrances or evil attached will be forced to surface in the open. Hence, the battle begins for the soul between good and evil. Some demons are very hard nuts to crack while others are just pussy cats. After a long drawn out battle with the hard nuts, I will immediately proceed to 'lock' the soul of the recipient from further attacks of the demon/s. Thus, the recipient is on his/her way to healing and liberation from all encumbrances. A lot of energy and patience on the part of the healer comes into play in this aspect. To read more about spiritual healing and cases, visit my blog www.spiritualism-ranjit.com


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