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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ghosts in Thai folklore

Master Oregon note: The following story has been edited for correctness and clarity.

This is a reader contribution from our reader, Spencer, who can be reached at sakyant@windowslive.com

We at Asia Paranormal thank him for contributing this interesting article about ghostly folklore in Thailand

The word 'Phii' means Ghost, in Thai. In Thailand's Folklore there are many different kinds of Phii, some of them National legends, and others local incidents which left people baffled, such as the case of a whole village that was afflicted with people being found dead with no liver or innards, but no visible perforations or cuts to the skin having been made.

Some Ghost stories turn out to be hoaxes or have a scientific explanation, but Thailand still has some very strange events and phenomena which occur, leaving no apparent explanation other than the Supernatural. Perhaps the fact that the mass-mind of the Thai people is still completely accepting of the idea of Ghosts and magic, that reality is affected by the mass consciousness. I mean to say that in a country where the Nation believes in Magic, Magic is thus real, whereas in a country where Magic is not believed in by the majority, then Magic has no effect. The Buddha said that there is nothing which does not arise from Mind. Is reality affected by what we believe? From the Buddha's point of view, at least our own reality is affected.

Phii Nang Dtakian

Nang Dtakian is a common ghost in the Pantheon of Thai ghosts. She inhabits the Dtakian tree as a spirit. The area of forest around where the Nang Dtakian is dwelling, is always clean and tidy with no under brush, as if someone were sweeping the area regularly. Nang Dtakian is normally attractive in appearance, with long hair worn to one side, and a pretty face with slender figure. She wears traditional Pha Tung skirt. Many witnesses have said she dresses just like a forest maiden dresses. Phii Nang Dtakian is quite worried about and protective of her dwelling place, and will become angry and run amok if anyone disturbs her place in the forest.

Because of the spirit of Nang Mai Dtakian dwelling within the Dtakian tree, when a tree is to be used for building a house or a boat, a ceremony must be made to ask permission from Nang Dtakian first. Once the tree has been converted into something else, the ghost spirit of Mai Dtakian will be converted into a spirit of a different kind, depending on what the tree has been used for; In the case of a boat for example, the Nang Dtakian would mutate and become a 'Mae Yaa Nang Ruea' spirit.

Phii Bporb

Phii Bporb is a ghost of a person who has practiced Wicha Akom Saiyasart (occult magic), who has developed strong powers, but used them from harming other beings with or making black magic spells, such a making 'Ya Faed', making destructive harmful spells with Yant Hnang Kway (buffalo skin Yant magic), chanting nails into someone's stomach, calling up other spirits and binding them to inhabit other objects or people (i.e. Gumarn Tong. From the point of view of Buddhism, these practices are forbidden.

The Lord Buddha stated that such practices are 'Dierachana Wicha' (animal sciences/occult arts), and that anyone practicing them should take great care in not transgressing the rules of practice and ceremony. To break these rules is called 'Kalam' (Isan term), or 'Phid Kroo' (offending the Kroo/Master of the Wicha). In such a case, the spirit of the Boroma Kroo (Master Guru of the Wicha) will punish the practitioner by cursing him/her to become a Phii Bporb.

Even if the Boroma Kroo did not punish, any practitioner who uses the Dierachan Wicha arts to harm others will at some point find that the magic they sent out begins to come back on them and eat them up until finally, they also become a Phii Bporb, just as if the Boroma Kroo had cast the spell on them. Phii Bporb is split into various types;

Bporb Tammada (normal Bporb)- Bporb Tammada means someone who is not possessed by, rather him or herself is a Bporb. This kind of Bporb dies when the person dies.
Bporb Chuea - Bporb Chuea means that when a family whose Mother and Father are Phii Bporb, and the parents die, then the descendants of that family will also become Phii Bporb, regardless of if they are willing to become Phii Bporb, or not. This kind of Bporb has no ending to its lineage.

Bporb Bplaeg Hnaa - 'Bplaeg Hnaa' means 'Stranger face' This kind of Bporb is very naughty and likes to make trouble getting other s in trouble for things they have not done or don't even know about. When Bporb Bplaeg Hnaa enters a person and possesses them, the Bporb will start to cause trouble, and when questioned if someone has forced them to do it or who is the culprit, the Phii Bporb will not tell the truth, and indicate innocent people to take the blame instead.

Bporb Gag Geug – Bporb Gag Geug (Isan word),is a Bporb that refuses to speak at all. This usuallyt results in the relatives taking the afflicted person to a Hmor Phii and ask the Hmor Phii to exorcise the Phii Bporb. Seeing the Hmor Phii begin his ritual, will cause the Phii Bporb to finally speak, admitting that it is a Bporb, and sometimes even telling where it came from and whop sent it. (in the case of a black magic spell or curse being laid on the afflicted person). This kind of direct possession by a Phii Bporb is called 'Bporb Khao' (meaning 'Bporb enters').

Nang Dtanii

Nang Dtanii is a female ghost just like Nang Dtakian, who inhabits a banana tree of the Dtanii variety. In order for the ghost to be able to inhabit a Dtanii tree, the tree must be of a special kind called 'Dtanii Dtaay Prai', which is a Dtanii tree which dies when it blooms its first flowers. Nang Dtanii is also beautiful in appearance just like Nang Dtakian, with green robes with a 'Jong Graben' cloth just like ancient Thai folk used to wear. She likes to lure men into her domain and seduce them. She has a very vengeful disposition and also very jealous, so that if a man who has been with Nang Dtanii should go with another woman, the Nang Dtanii will hunt the man down and break his neck bone.

Reduced Content - full story available in 'Buddha Magic Ezine' Issue 2 - available on the Buddha Magic site at www.buddha-magic.blogspot.com


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