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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Mystery Monster at Chiang Rai

Often paranormal stories will follow a central theme or be related to a well known phenomenon. Entities are said to be like other existing creatures or entities or else they often are connected to a long string of stories that become lore and eventually out-strange their predecessors.

But the story of the creature in Chiang Rai in Thailand started extremely odd and only got stranger. What’s more, the entity seemingly came out of nowhere and was witnessed by several people right from the start.

There’s a definite difference between stories about creatures like The Mothman of Point Pleasant and the more widely accepted Bigfoot (and Yeti) seen throughout the world.

One of them seems to be an actual physical being interacting with the world around it like other physical beings while others seem to be only limited in their interaction with our world - sometimes appearing more ghostlike than physical and carrying with them a sense of impermanence perpetuated by forces unknown to us as if they had somehow leaked into our world from a higher dimension. Such is the case with the mysterious creature of Chiang Rai that appeared in a field one morning in 2005.

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