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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Asia's Lost Treasure of WW2 is in Philippines

During the Japanese occupation of Asia of world war 2 whereby Japan was conquering much lands of asia as part of their empire led by general Yamashita, much of the treasures across of asia that was found was being send to one particular place for keeping.

This place eventually became the place whereby any treasures that the Japanese has found would be send to this common point of storage for the Japanese empire. This place was located in the Philippines in a certain very remote forest. There was a guardian or a so called protector of this place. This keeper guarded and protected theses treasures with his life for many years and had very little contact with people of outside.

When the war was over, this keeper was still unaware of it and still continued to guard and protect the treasures. One fine day when reports of people being unknowingly and mysteriously killed in a certain particular place was told, this resulted in people who went to find out what was going on?

When they came to know of the existance of the person behind and the reason why, it brought about many treasure seekers and hunters and eventually this Japanese soldier was finally being brought out to the outside world. He was too shocked and could not belived that war was lost. It was something unaccpetable to him.

Although he no longer return to the forest anymore after learnning what has happened after so many years, the secrets of the hidden treasures of asia was not being revealed. It was even said that he commited suiside to join his fellow comrades.

After this incident, the local government send batches of well trained and experienced commandos and gurellias as well as scouts together with many other people of various professions and expertists to find the treasures. However, after much efforts and long durations of finding, it still remained unknown till today.


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