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Friday, March 5, 2010

Hallucination or Pure Coincidence, God or Science?

A reader, Ralph, would like to share two of his personal experiences with the readers of Asia Paranormal. Below are his recounts.

Two years ago, when i was sixteen, my boyfriend and I played spirit of the coin. We did it because my boyfriend's mum contracted a weird fever. It started when her daughter died five years ago. My boyfriend's mother did not visit his older sister in the cemetery, so we tried to talk to his older sister by playing spirit of the coin. We accomplished the game, but did not get the spirit which we wanted to talk to. It was the spirit of a woman and not his older sister.

The spirit of the woman introduced herself by the use of a coin and a letter from the cardboard that we made. Her name is Miaka Bakyas. She died because she was raped by seven men. One of them was her uncle. We said to her that she was not the one whom we needed to talk to. We said to the spirit, “We need to talk to Frenda Osorio.” That was the name of my boyfriend's deceased sister.

We said to the spirit that we needed to talk to her and ask for forgiveness for the mother. We believe that the weird fever was due to Frenda's anger because she did not visit her grave. The spirit of the woman became incensed and all the glass in my boyfriend's room where we played in shattered.

We panicked and went into the living room. We could not sleep until around 5am. When we awoke, it was 8am. The first thing we learned of in the morning was that my boyfriend's mum was miraculously healed but I received information that one of my friends in another province passed on after my boyfriend's mother was healed.

When I visited the friend who passed on, his father said that he died due to high fever. The date was January 15, 2007. The time of death was 8.03am, which, coincidentally, was the same date and hour that my boyfriend's mother was healed.

This incident and many more others made me atheist agnostic. I joined a paranormal society and see what is not ordinarily seen. To this day, I need an answer to my question, due to my burning curiosity. Was it an accident or pure coincidence . . hallucination or pure coincidence . . God or Science?

The following is my second experience. I was eating my lunch in the canteen of my school. I looked up and saw a strange woman dressed in a teacher's uniform. I said to her, “Good afternoon, Ma'am,” but she did not reply me. She carried on walking and smiling while her eyes were fixed on the floor all the time.

After I finished eating, I decided to go to the library and review my Filipino language lesson. While reading, I saw her again, this time, through the window. She was smiling while looking down at me. Her image was a little bit cloudy. I was terrified when i realized that I was on the second or third storey. She was floating in the air!

I visited the guidance counselor in his office and informed him of what I had witnessed. He brushed me aside and chastised me, saying I was hallucinating and influenced by horror movies. My Maths teacher on another side of the counselor's table said that he also had many similar experiences. He revealed to me that the apparition that I had seen was a teacher who had taught in the school back in the 1970s and who had committed suicide because of a love problem.
What a terrifying fact!


  1. When we are contacted with spirit coins, it is definitely not a hallucination.

  2. Hi Ralph, it seems to me that like 'Miaka Bakyas' is actually 'Frenda Osorio.' She was in disguise and eagerly wanted to contact to your too. I am really confused this time... This is abit of thinking...


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