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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Charmed Third Eye

Author/Source: Kooky

JOHOR BAHRU: The blind girl enacted by the "Queen of Horror" Angelica Lee in the movie The Eye regained her eyesight, and acquired the ability to see the dead spirits, after undergoing a cornea transplant.

29-year-old tutor Liu Yiwei had his third eye "opened up," having hair-raising encounters with the "good brothers," following a visit to the "Haunted House" at the school fun fair.

Liu ventured into the "Haunted House" ahead of the pack, and managed to see three weird things during that short adventure: He saw a head stuck at the slit, an urn, and a long-haired woman in red.

He thought the props were outstanding.

Treating them as minorities

He later gave a big thumb-up in front of his friends for the marvellous effects of what he had seen inside the Haunted House, but to his shock, his classmates said they did not see what he had seen.

He was so terrified that he fell sick.

After the incident, he had some idea what he was in for. Indeed, he saw about three or four objects floating in the air one night during the school camp.

"'They' knew I could see them but didn't care and just kept chatting with one another."

Since then he has been treating these supernatural beings as "minorities."

"They need to be respected just like us," he said.

Liu told Guang Ming Daily after seeing the ghosts for the first time at the school fun fair at the age of 14, he had not been able to get rid of this "supernatural power" of his.

He has since had countless experiences seeing the apparitions, and has lost count how many he has actually bumped into.

"I was utterly terrified back then. I wanted to tell other people what I had seen, but was afraid this would terrify them as well. This has put me in a dilemma."

However, after seeing ghosts a few more times, he began to learn that these spirits would not do any harm on human beings so long as they were not first offended, and would not be so easily frightened by what he sees.

"I've got used to it now, and would not deliberately hide the fact that I have the 'third eye.'"

As a matter of fact, Liu has learned to accept the truth after a hard inner struggle.
[Click here to read full article]


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