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Monday, March 22, 2010

Interview with a national serviceman on a paranormal encounter

by Joan Seth

I recently heard about this real life encounter from a friend of mine, who's a regular officer in the Singapore Armed Forces. Apparently it happened to one of his subordinates not too long ago. I did not hesitate and thus quickly conducted this email interview through my friend.

All names and locations shall remain confidential for reasons of privacy.

AP: Can you start off by introducing yourself?

NJ: I am XXX, currently serving my second year in National Service, in XXX camp.

AP: So can you tell us how this encounter happened?

NJ: It happened about a month ago. I was on guard duty at that time. I remember it was somewhere between the time of 3 to 4 am when I saw something quite extraordinary.

AP: What were you doing at that time?

NJ: I was fully awake. Everything was normal. I was sitting alone in the

AP: Can you describe what happened next?

NJ: I saw a blue light flashing from outside the camp. The guardroom is situated next to the main gates, of which the main road runs beside it. The light was coming from the trees opposite the main gates. I remember it was very bright and I couldn't look directly into it.

AP: Did you hear anything? Or was there any smell?

NJ: No. I didn't.

AP: How were you feeling at this time?

NJ: Initially it felt strange. I was worried something might happen. I soon
realized that it could be something supernatural and that made me scared.

AP: What happened next?

NJ: The light moved from a right to left direction. Then I saw something even weirder.

AP: What was it that you saw?

NJ: I saw a shadow. It was very well defined and outlined. The light seemed to be coming from this shadow.

AP: Did you mean to say you saw a person?

NJ: No. I was very sure it was not a person. I saw a very well defined outline of a shadow. It was too nicely shaped, I began to realize it was not a real person. It looked almost like a prop or a cut cardboard piece of a human.

AP: What happened next?

NJ: The light went off.

AP: And then?

NJ: There was nothing more. No shadow, no sound. Nothing.

AP: How did you feel next?

NJ: It felt really weird. I wasn't so sure if it was a human or was it friendly or

AP: Did you inform anyone else of this at that point of time?

NJ: No. I didn't. The other guards were all asleep. I doubt they would believe me anyway.

AP: What did you think the thing was?

NJ: I'm not so sure. Initially I thought it could be someone from the PUB, checking the water in the reservoir. But at 3 to 4 am in the morning? That's why I didn't think it was a human. I now believe it could be an alien or some extraterrestrial being.

AP: An alien?

NJ: Yes. I believe the light beam could be a mark of its technology. It could be here doing surveillance or investigation at the reservoir.

AP: So do you think it had good intentions?

NJ: I honestly don't know.

AP: Do you think it will appear again?

NJ: I can't say for sure. I have not seen it again since. I really hope it doesn't though. Although I wasn't freaked out or anything, but I do not want to have such an encounter again.

AP: Thank you for your time, XXX.

NJ: Thanks.


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