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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fearsome 10 Chinese Mythological Beast

Chinese Sea Serpent (Jiao)
A Chinese Sea Serpent is known as a JIAO! It is basically very sea dragon looking except that a sea dragon has horns and a JIAO does not have.

A Nian is a beast associated with Chinese New Year. It is said to appear yearly for food during early spring period. By how many times an adult lion is bigger than a usual adult cat, this NIAN is about the amount of times or perhaps even more, bigger than an adult lion.

This creature is basically a Lion like beast with horns of a dragon above its head. Mainly Green and yellow in color. It has scales on certain parts of its body. It's has many armored padding’s around it's body and is a very strong beast that can break rocks or make an opening in the mountains by ramming itself against them. Its mouth is huge and it swallows its food as a whole in one single mouthful most of the time.

However, it is very afraid of the color of red. Myths and Legends say that it runs away at the sight of red and red is the way to seduce this beast.

Some believe that QILIN is the Chinese version of western unicorn but others argued not. A Chinese QILIN is a mixture of a dragon, a pony horse and a deer. It has a head and scales of a dragon. A body of a pony horse with legs and tail of a deer.

It has been said that this is a very kind hearted beast with great benevolence and does not even step on an ant. It usually eats on dead animals or dying plants. It is only someone with a pure kind and true heart that would have the chance to stumble upon this beast.

It has been said to be able to know who is a good person and who is a baddie. It is never ever soft hearted or merciful towards evil people. This beast will devour such people immediately without a second thought at sight. In most of the cases, this beast is often a guidance beast. It has been often said that if one spots this beast, there is bound to be some treasures or some sort nearby as in most of the cases this beast is often said to be the protector of something.

Chinese Unicorn
As to those who disagrees that a QILIN is a Chinese Unicorn, there are 2 sets of arguments. Some believes that a Chinese unicorn is the left one but others say it is the right one.

However, both types of unicorns share something in common. It is a creature that personifies all that is good, pure, truthful, sincere, and peaceful. It lives in paradise of the heavens and only visits the world at the birth of a wise philosopher or saga. According to ancient records, at the birth of Confucius, a Unicorn is said to have descended down from the heavens and left a footprint at the doorstep of the house.

As to those who believe that a Chinese Unicorn is the first, it is mixture of a deer, an Ox, a Horse, and a Fish. It is basically a deer with one horn, the tail of an ox, the hooves of a horse, and a body covered with the scales of a fish.

Xiezhi (獬豸) or Haetae
A XieZhi is animal with a unicorn horn, and as to the shape of the body, it can varies due to size and growth stage as it can that of a Lion, a Goat, an Ox or even a Dog.

According to Legends & Myths, it is an animal that is extremely particular about Justices, Fairness, & Truths. It is able to deceit good and evil, lies and truth, the innocent victim and the culprit, the bully and the bullied.

It will use its horn to gorge wrong doers or evil people and then devour them. It simply hates such people. In an event of argument and disputes, whosoever that it points it horn at is the person who is at the wrong or who is unreasonable etc.....

It is a very typical symbol of Justice and Fairness during the ancient times in both China and Korea. Some claim that the element which represents this animal is Water but others say it is Fire.

Taotie (饕餮)
A Shape of a goat, body of an OX, Teeth of Tiger, and a Face of a human, but however has a voice that sounds like an infant.

Taowu (梼杌)
A shape and body of a tiger, fur of a dog but with a human face, both the mouth and teeth of a boar, and an extremely long tail. It was said that this beast was once a human but was somehow or rather transformed into this demonic beast after he had died.

When he was a human, he was simply inhuman! He was also the root cause of many troubles and problems to others. Much misery and tragedies were as a result of his doings.

Baize (白泽)
It lives in the mountains of Kunlun, Snow white in color, able to speak human languages. It fully understands and comprehends the nature of all living things and it rarely spotted unless a saga/sage is governing the nation.

Yayu (猰貐)
Son of Zhulong, said to be originally very honest and kind hearted before death. The Heavens seeing that Zhulong was so sad show pity and sympathy by reviving his son. However unexpectedly & unknown, upon the revival of his son, his son became into a very vicious and evil monster and loves to feast on humans. In the end Hou Yi was send to kill this beast.

There are many versions as to how this beast looks like. Some say that it is a human face with a body of dragon; some say it is a human face with Ox body and horse legs, but others say it is a huge beast that has a dragon head with tiger body.

It is a Chinese hybrid creature that is similar to a winged lion of the western. Pixiu is a very significant creature to Feng Shui practitioner as it a very powerful protector. As a Pixiu is an earth and sea variation, it is therefore particularly an auspicious and influential creature for wealth.

It has been said to have an extremely voracious appetite towards gold and sliver. As a result, traditionally to the Chinese they believe that this creature processes mystical powers that can draw wealth to them from all directions. Hence for anyone who is experiencing a bad year, this creature is just what you need.

There are 2 types of this Chinese hybrid creature, Pixiu. The only difference is whether it has 1 horn or 2 horns. The one with 1 horn is called as Tian Lu who is in charge of wealth and prevents wealth from flowing away. Typically in Chinese offices, it can be found.

The one with 2 horns is called as Pi Ya, which is said to be able to ward off evil and can be used to assist anyone who is suffering from bad Feng Shui which is because they have offended the Grand Duke Jupiter (also called as Tai Sui).


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