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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How to Deal with Hantu (Ghost) Tengelong/Penanggal

Hantu tengelong or Hantu Penanggal is a ghoul from the Malay culture. It is a female creature that is seen flying around with only her head, lungs, stomach and intestines attached. The rest of her body is left preserved in a vinegar filled container to prevent its rapid decomposition.

She detaches herself from her body at night to hunt as she lives off human blood (specific ones too). As she flies about you can spot her because her entrails are said to look like fireflies in the night, but watch out because you don’t want any of her blood that drips from her entrails to touch you-they leave you with skin sores that modern medicine won’t be able to cure.

She will return to her body during the day, and go about like a ordinary woman. Don’t expect to be able to tell her apart from mortal women because she’s hideous or disfigured, because she won’t be. It is believed that she is usually a beautiful woman (she may be young or old but she is always beautiful). So how do you identify one? You use your keen sense of smell…she’s going to be the one with that strong stench of vinegar.

So how to protect yourself from her?

Surround your houses with thorns! Not just any thorns, but the thorns of the Mengkuang. That why if she comes, her dangling bits will get caught and cut up in thorny bushes.
[Click here to find out how to kick her Ass]


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