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Monday, March 1, 2010

SLEEP PARALYSIS INTERVIEW PART 2: Categories of People Most Vulnerable to Sleep Paralysis

SLEEP PARALYSIS INTERVIEW PART 1 -- The Spiritual Entity Comes In Contact With The Natural Strength Of Humanity

SLEEP PARALYSIS INTERVIEW PART 2 -- Categories of People Most Vulnerable to Sleep Paralysis

In this short Part 2 of our Interview, Pastor Sleep Paralysis answers our question on which categories of people are most vulnerable to sleep paralysis. Do you agree with what he says? All interaction on this topic is most welcome!

Which category of people are most vulnerable to Sleep Paralysis? And for what reason?

In evaluation to entity gender preferences I believe the entity has no preference to whom it may encounter. Yet, when it comes to Angelic Beings (or) Demonic Existence recored in the Word of God there are no accounts of female gender. But on the contrary, "All" evidence of Angelic Creatures and Demonic Existence reveals that they are male in gender.

You will also find in your observation that women who claim to have been sexually attacked by an entity were attacked by one of a male gender. I believe their purpose is "Not" sensual or lustful in nature but rather for communication to those of our natural world. Therefore, they "DO NOT" choose whom they confront by gender, age, race, religious faith or stage of life, but rather they seek those who have sensibility to their existence. Multitudes are encountered by them but, only those who have the sensory perception of their existence has been influenced by awareness of their presence.

Sleep Paralysis is the chemistry of a Spiritual Entity confronting the Human Body through sensory perception. I believe the presence of two different beings from two different worlds are "NOT" of the same make therefore,causing Sleep Paralysis.

I ask you this question. What separates our existence from their existence? It is the Human Physical Body. Our body is the "ONLY" thing that is affected by its presence...

The body goes into paralysis yet, our spirit is invited to join the entities' realm of existence. Yes, they are aware that we can join them through Sleep Paralysis. They are their to assist you into their realm of existence. I will explain more when I tell of my experiences of Sleep Paralysis.

May I insert this thought to you? "We are more of a spiritual being than we are a physical being" and yes the entity is aware of our spiritual make. I will also say to all readers of this article. It is wrong to dabble into the Spirit World through Sleep Paralysis especially by an unknown Evil Presence that I will call an Entity. Also, in answer to your question of AGE and RELIGIOUS FAITH I believe there are boundaries to some decree.

I believe the Entity has "NO" power over the CHILD of GOD. But it will control what you allow. I believe GOD protects children, but children can be susceptible to this type of paralysis. In some cultures and religions this type of encounters would be acceptable. Therefore, children do come in contact with entities causing them to experience Sleep Paralysis. And again I will mention that most people are crippled by fear to truly understand the purpose of Sleep Paralysis which I will explain in later writings.

Yours Truly, Sleep Paralysis.


  1. Seroisly, i think this is profound

  2. I'm looking forward to your next interview. This is very fascinating and very true.

  3. What started Sleep Paralysis to occur in your life? Are you going to post any more lnterviews in the near future? I love Asia Paranormal.


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