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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Black Magic in Indonesia

Bali has many traditional ceremonies and rituals that a visitor can observe and participate in. Attending a Balinese ceremony inside a temple with local friends can be a magical experience. One aspect of the Indonesian culture that you’re not likely to get to see is the practice of ‘black magic’ or witchcraft. When you talk to regular Balinese people they might tell you they believe in black magic, although they don’t practice it. Local TV often have reports claiming people were practicing black magic, or someone was in trouble other locals for paranormal activity.

One lady from Java admitted she practiced black magic and has studied it all over the country including Bali. She said the black magic in Sumbawa was very strong. For westerners of course, the whole concept of spells and potions is something out of Scooby Doo and an vehicle for humor, but for a local its serious stuff. Small things like a chunk of garlic left over your front door, can mean an angry ex partner is trying to cast a spell over you.

A lady with magical powers
The lady from Java claimed she could use her black magic for all kinds of things, including attracting a partner, making bad luck for someone and finding out who has done bad things to you. She said that here in Bali, she and her husband were trying to sell a car for sometime without any luck. She took a trip to Java to visit her teacher who wrote a spell on a piece of paper. On returning to Bali, she put the paper into a bucket of water and splashed the water over the car. Both she and her husband had to drink some of the water. The paper was then placed in the glove compartment. After a week they had several people inquire and made a sale.

The lady said that many people across the country practice black magic, but few will admit it. She claimed that she can, by observing how a stranger behaves, determine whether they practice it. Banyuwangi is East Java is a place associated with the practice of black magic.

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  3. and who have the knowledge to judge the magic as black or white, I gonna tell you, nobody, the human concept of good and evil is soo limitaded, so we can't see more than own noses, beside magic is magic, the truly evil or good is in the action of the caster.

  4. wow well this is scary for me, I don't really feel secure around this, for me the alter world and paranormal stuff really exist.

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