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Master Orthodox Occultist Oregon Chang, The 17th generation Disciple of Seven Stars Sword Master Hebei China

Monday, November 14, 2011

Commentary on the Feng Shui of Bedok Reservoir

by Master Orthodox Occultist Oregon Chang

With the recent happenings at Bedok Reservoir, many Feng Shui masters, paranormal investigators have been visiting the place.

There are 2 different types of Feng Shui. One is for the living and the other is for the dead.

From what people have been discussing in forums, websites and other hearsay, certain group of people had believed that indeed Bedok Reservoir has very good Feng Shui but however the problem and biggest mistake could have just been that it is a good Feng Shui location for the dead and not for the living.

If this location is a Feng Shui location for the dead, to use this place to sustain life for the living by turning it into a reservoir and creating activities and life such as water sports on the reservoir will only make things worse.

The Shape of the Reservoir both by the Feng Shui master of team Asia Paranormal and Lucia Lu as well as a few more other had mentioned that it has a shape of a human skull or head.

Please do kindly refer to our earlier postings to refresh yourself a little:
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To make things worse it appears to be a human skull or head in some blinding position and it also trapped in the middle surrounded by roads with no where to go to. This trapped human is very confused, having blurred vision, sad, having agony and stressed as a result of such. Some of the new buildings that blocked the horizons of this human line of sight make it even worst and not forgetting the sharp object pointing to the eyes which makes this person feeling very threatened !

Take a look at some good Feng Shui in comparison, the Jurong Lake near to the Lakeside and Chinese Garden MRT:


Are you able to see a hidden Chinese unicorn in the Lake, itself? This should be auspicious.

Next let's take a look at the Chinese Garden Map:


Are you able to see a close or similar resemblance of the Chinese TAO or DAO (道) symbol ? Within the Yin there is a Yang and Within the Yang there is a Yin in it. This place is very well balance. There is good circulation of the Yin and Yang.

In fact, Chinese Art of Feng Shui has always played a very important role in many cases and event as well as people.

Next, we look at some places with bad Feng Shui:


The one on the left is a palace of the Choson dynasty (Joseon Dynasty) of Korea. Due to a mistake in Feng Shui of the new location of the palace as the Red Phoenix is running away which was being overlooked by the Feng Shui masters engaged by the King, the Dynasty began to decline and came to an end.

The One in the Middle is the famous Taj Mahal of India in which too many feng shui masters has already spoke of how bad the Feng Shui is which it had affected the king's health and lead to fall of the King eventually.

Finally the one on the Right is the map of the Ming dynasty tomb. The tomb of one of the emperors is being placed wrongly and it lead to the fall of the Ming Dynasty.

Lastly, not everything in this world in due to Feng Shui.

Feng Shui can only be part of it.

This article itself is only but just a commentary on the Feng Shui of Bedok Reservoir and not a conclusion.

As whether to believe or not, is it pure superstition, occult, coincidence or others, this we the Team of Asia Paranormal leave for you as the readers to decide.


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