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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Possible UFO spotted in Singapore

by Joan Seth

One of our readers, who has chosen to go by the anonymous name of SpidermanX, has sent us an photograph, which he claimed to be an UFO.

At first glance, it seems to be an UFO in the air. This photograph was said to be taken from SpidermanX's office.

It does seem to be from a office building in the city area of Singapore. We have circled the object in red for our readers to identify it easier.

Our team members are undecided upon the authenticity of this photograph. Our IT specialist uses photoshop to manipulate the photograph.

First, he adjusts the contrast. Thus, it seems that this UFO is part of the background of the sky in the photograph, not edited into it.

Next, he sharpens the colors and image. This is the result. The UFO seems to be in a grayish color.

Lastly. he zooms in and enlarges the photograph. This is the enlargement of the UFO.

Does it look authentic to you?

Firstly, although it does seem to be a real object, it can easily be a aircraft. This is a common mistaken identity in spotting UFOs.

Secondly, it could also be a meteor logical effect, either a cloud, shooting star or meteor. Although these are quite uncommon in Singapore, it is still a possibility.

Thirdly, we can conclude that the photograph is real, but no matter what, photoshop editing is still very possible. Furthermore the reader did not divulge his name nor any more details of this photograph he took, thus leading us to believe it could be a faked.

Finally, Team Asia Paranormal decides that this photograph is inconclusive.

Dear Readers, please form your own conclusions. We hope to hear from you.


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