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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What is wrong with Bedok Reservoir?

by Joan Seth

Bedok Reservoir is a is a reservoir located in the eastern part of Singapore. It was completed in 1986. Since 2004, the local authorities have increasingly allowed activities to take place in Bedok Reservoir. These include watersports like wakeboarding, sailing and canoeing. Thus, in recent years, the number of members of the public visiting the reservoir has increased.

In 2011, within a span of 5 months since June, a series of incidents occurred at the reservoir. A total of 5 bodies have been pulled out from the water, leading people to believe that the reservoir is cursed. Is this really the case though? We take a look at the evidence and speculate on the possible explanations for this spate of incidents.

Bedok Reservoir Cursed?

Body found in Bedok Reservoir again, 5th since June

1) Curses

This seems a most likely explanation and the easiest to fall upon though. A curse is a wish expressed upon some other entity – a person, an object or a place. Harm or hurt will be inflicted by supernatural powers.

But is the reservoir cursed? Bedok town was developed in 1973, but evidence shows that a “Bedok River” has existed in Singapore since 1604. In the past, it used to be a hilly area before urban development and was populated mainly by fishermen.

Would anyone place a curse on the reservoir? Remember, it was not completed till 1986. Exactly 25 years later, the spate of incidents occurred. Perhaps someone was unhappy with the construction of the reservoir and placed a curse upon it? Then why would the curse start manifesting itself only after 25 years?

2) Hauntings

Bedok was one of the first few “new towns” developed by the HDB in the 1970s. Past history did not indicate any worthy incidents of note, but way back in 1942, during World War II, the Bedok Hill Massacre occurred.

On the 28th of February 1942, 90 men from the Federrated Malay States Volunteer Force (FMSVF), Straits Settlement Volunteer Force (SSVF) and the Malay Regiment were executed by the Japanese.

Was this the catalyst for the recent spate of accidents and suicides? Were the ghosts of the soldiers somehow enacting their revenge? But why only now? Furthermore they were killed on a hill, which was already been leveled during the town development days in the 1970s. What has that got to do with the reservoir?

3) Earth Magnetic Field

Ley lines are alleged alignments of a number of places of geographical and historical interest, such as ancient monuments and megaliths, natural ridge-tops and water-fords. Experts claim that such lines are the energy pathways of the Earth, and some attribute them to UFO sightings.

But do they exist in Singapore? Perhaps the reservoir lies upon a ley line of negative energy, influencing people into making negative decisions.

Furthermore, psychiatrists too have noticed a correlation between geomagnetic activity and suicide rates.

Geomagnetic storms - periods of high geomagnetic activity caused by large solar flares - have also been linked to clinical depression.

In 1994, a study was published suggesting a 36.2% increase in the number of men admitted into hospital for depression in the second week after geomagnetic storms (British Journal of Psychiatry vol 164, p 403).

What may be the cause of the link, if there is one, remains unknown. Could this be a reason? Do remember that Singapore does not have high geological activity though.

Does the Earth's magnetic field cause suicides?

4) Fengshui

If you take a look at the picture above, it certainly resembles a side view of a male human head. This is due to the resemblance of a "Dragon Throat" or "Adam Apple" near the throat of the head. The Dragon Throat is the vital essence of the accumulating negative "qi".

According to what is indicated in our picture, there is something sharp pointing at the eyes. If someone uses a sharp physical object to point at your eyes, you will be blinded. If someone is blinded, there is a high chance that the person will get into accident.

For example, the person might be blinded and fall into the reservoir. This could explain the recent accidents at the reservoir. The victims might have been "blinded" and "fell" into the reservoir.

- Quoted from Master Orthodox Occultist Oregon Chang

5) Mere coincidences

Finally, perhaps these 5 incidents does have a simple and plausible explanation after all. We think that the following 2 factors influenced the turn of events greatly.

1) Accessibility - The reservoir has been opened to public use for watersports for many years. Also, a lot of people go there for fishing as well. Nearby the reservoir is Bedok Reservoir Park. The whole area is highly accessible to the public with transportation readily available.

2) Previously a alarming rate of suicide attempts were made on MRT tracks, whereby the individual will jump onto the tracks just as the trains were pulling in. However, since the authorities had made renovations to the train stations by building barrier gates and doors, the suicide rates has dropped dramatically.

Put two and two together, we have the most probable answer. As MRT stations are getting less accessible for suicide attempts, coupled with the ease of accessibility of Bedok Reservoir road. People are choosing the reservoir as their choice of suicide attempts.

Unfortunately, this is all just statistics. Compare it to a hospital where almost everyday people die of natural causes or sickness. If only 5 people die in a hospital within 5 months, no one will bat an eyelid. But if 5 people die everyday for 5 months, people will start wondering if there is something wrong with the hospital.

Compare to a busy road with heavy traffic and a lot of pedestrians. Within 5 months, if 5 accidents occur there, some people might think that it is a bit statically little in number. But within 5 months, 5 accidents occur at a reservoir, people start thinking there is something wrong.

Ultimately, this is just a statistical anomaly. Its all about the perception of human beings of statistics. People are just as about likely to die in a reservoir.

International suicide rates are 1 in 121, whereas dying from car accident is 1 in 260. Does this mean a person is more likely to die from suicide than from accidents?

DISCLAIMER: Asia Paranormal does not condone suicidal behavior and actions. We wish to emphasize the fact that life is precious and please, do not recklessly endanger it and cause misery to the people and loved ones around you. If need be, please seek help or counselling. There is always a solution.


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