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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Traditional Malay Mythological Creatures and Legendary Ghosts (Part 2 of 2 )

by Oregon Chang

Dear Readers, please do note that in Malay culture and traditions, much of the be it demonic monsters or ghosts are about same. A monster is a ghost and a ghost is also a monster. They do not make too much of a difference to them.

The locations of these monstrous creatures and ghost are pretty much shared in the Malay archipelago or neighbouring nations. Some of it can in the nation's own version or if not exactly or about the same.

This are the list of countries where these creatures have appeared either in folklore or witness sightings:
1) Malaysia
2) Indonesia
3) Singapore
4) Thailand
5) Philippines
6) Brunei
7) Papua New Guinea
8) Cambodia
9) Vietnam
10) Myanmar (Burma)
11) India

List of Malay Mythological Creatures (11 to  25 )


11) Hantu Bajang


Hantu Bajang is a spirit who takes the form of a fox or polecat and who eats fetuses and drinks the milk of lactating women.

12) Hantu Kopek


A variant is Hantu Kopek (Nipple ghost), who appears as an old woman with pendulous breasts. The striations of pregnancy are said to be the scars left by the attack of the bajang. Sharp metal objects such as scissors placed near the baby will help to protect it from the bajang

13) Polong


Polong is a spirit ghost that can be used by a black magic practitioner to harm someone. It is said to have been created from the blood of a murdered person and this blood is put into a bottle for one to two weeks before the spirit is invoked with incantations and magic spells. The owner must feed the polong daily with blood from his finger.

14) Pelesit


Pelesit is another ghost made by magic, in this case from the tongue of a stillborn child. It enters a house in the form of a cricket or house fly, and spreads misery and unhappiness in advance of the arrival of a polong. It also drinks blood from open cuts or wounds. Both the pelsit and the polong can be forced to reveal the name of their owner through magical questioning.

15) Hantu Raya


A Hantu Raya (great ghost) is the most dangerous of Malay ghosts. It has great strength and can change into any shape, may help its owner become rich and may cause harm or death to the owner's enemies. However, the ghost may also impersonate the owner, making love to his wife. The ghost is said to have a limited range, being unable to go far from its home.

16) Ceplos


Ceplos is a type of childish youthful male ghost which main objective is to protect its owner, especially warding off other black magic practitioner or ghost owner.

17) Hantu Air or Laut


Hantu Air (water phantom) also called Hantu laut (sea phantom) is a water spirit or ghost that lives in rivers, pools or the sea. It may be the ghost of someone who has died through drowning, or may be an independent spirit. Sometimes it appears as a floating log. The ghost or spirit may be dangerous, and may drown or eat people.

18) Hantu Bungkus or Pocong


Hantu Bungkus or Pocong is a ghost wrapped in a shroud that feeds on the blood of babies. It always runs after the victims by the means of jumping as it's hands and legs are tied up or wrapped up.
In some cases, it has been said that it will seek and plead you to untie her/him and in exchange it will grant you only one wish. But again do you really expect them to keep to their words in every case?

19) Hantu Galah (pole ghost)


Hantu Galah (pole ghost) is a very tall and thin ghost found among the trees and bamboos. To make it disappear, a person simply picks up a stick or twig and breaks it.It is normally female

20) Hantu Pari-Pari - fairy ghosts


Hantu Pari-Pari - fairy ghosts. It is normally female.

21) Harimau akuan


Harimau akuan: a were-tiger, or a human in the form of a tiger.It is normally male

22) Jembalang Tanah


Jembalang Tanah are earth demons of virgin forest. Derive from the urine or umbilical cord is buried in the forests.

23) Jenglot


Jenglot is a doll-sized creature that is said to be found in the jungles of Malaysia and Indonesia, described as a vampire in habit. Dead jenglots are sometimes sold or exhibited, but appear to be man-made.Most of them is female

24) Orang Bunian


Orang Bunian (whistling people) are invisible forest spirits who may lead travelers astray, but may sometimes assist them. There are stories of human men marrying female Orang Bunion, but as a result also becoming invisible.It is normally female.

25) Orang Minyak


Orang Minyak (Oily Man) is a rapist who believes in mystical properties of forced sex. A supernatural Serial Rapist ghost which is hard to see and hard to catch as he is covered in black grease and uses night as camouflage.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for describing with pictures featured kind of ghost Malaysians see daily in Malaysia especially use highway daily.


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