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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' Causing Seizures In US Cinemas

Picture is copyright to Summit Entertainment

By Alex Winehouse

Of all the criticisms 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' has had thrown at it, surely nothing has been as bizarre as the latest storm - being blamed for causing a number of epileptic seizures in its male audience.

Brandon Gephart, from Roseville, California, was rushed to hospital having been taken ill during the scene in which Kristen Stewart's Bella Swan gives birth to her half-vampire baby.

His girlfriend Kelly Bauman told CBS Sacramento: "He was convulsing, snorting, trying to breathe. He scared me big time."

Also in the US, an unnamed man from Salt Lake City, Utah, suffered a similar fit whilst watching the film, telling ABC4: "I didn't really remember what happened after that. I think I blacked out. According to [my wife] I was shaking and mumbling different noises."

His wife added: "I was kneeling in front of him and slapping his face," with the man unwilling to reveal his identity for fear that he would lose his job if his bosses found out.

Doctor Michael G Chez told CBS: "It's like a light going off because it hits your brain all at once. The trouble with theatres is that they're so dark, the light flashing in there is more like a strobe light."

Gephart was at pains to point out that he only attended the movie to please his girlfriend, and has no plans to return to the cinema to see how it ends.

[Click here to read full article]


  1. jajajaja jeeezzzz another reason to hate this movie it´s dangerous for men jajajajaja

  2. agreed, it's a crap movie anyway


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