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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What’s the Fascination With Ghosts?

by Deborah Hughes

There’s a lot of controversy about spirit communication and ghost hunting. Some say it’s evil to engage in such activities. Others say it’s all a load of crap. Lots of people fear it while many others embrace it. As for me, I feared it AT FIRST. And I still do at times. After all, there are bad spirits just as much as there are good ones. The ghosts we lived with for seven years fell into both categories (see Tales of a Haunted Farmhouse). We had good spirits there, meaning they did us no harm and never meant to frighten us. But there was a bad spirit there as well. I know this because of the negative feelings it always generated when it was around. And it bothered our poor little dog Tippy quite often (see Paranormal Activity and Ouija Boards). When the bad one was around, Tippy would growl and snarl and charge at it. Or, he’d run yelping with his tale between his legs. When the good spirits were around, Tippy would watch it carefully and with great interest. Sometimes he’d bark at it but only in a way dogs bark at strangers they don’t know. How often I wished I could see what he saw. But, I am also grateful I could not. I think the bad one would have frightened me beyond reason.

The world is full of ghost stories and tales and superstitions. Since the beginning of recorded time, there is evidence of spiritual belief. Are the millions of us who believe all wrong on this issue? What makes the non-believers right? Are ghosts just a figment of over-active imaginations? No. I think not. And if you disagree, well, that’s your prerogative. However it doesn’t change the facts. And the fact is, unexplained things do occur on a regular basis. We are spiritual beings in physical bodies and when we operate outside the confines of the physical…our feelings, extra-sensory perceptions, intuition etc…we KNOW there is more around us than what we physically see. As to that…sometimes we physically see things that are “not real”. So how’s that? Paranormal activity and supernatural occurrences are pretty darned fascinating and worth studying. Really.
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