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Monday, November 7, 2011

Mystery of Mount Anak Krakatau

Krakatoa is one of the most famous volcanoes in the world. In 1883, the volcano that located in Sunda Strait had a catastrophic eruption that destroyed almost the entire island. Since then, the volcano has been rebuilding itself and now Anak Krakatau (Child of Krakatoa) has emerged and has been growing above water since 1927.

In the book “Javanese Book of Kings”, noted that Mount Old Krakatoa in the Sunda Strait Indonesia have 2,000 meters high above sea level with a radius of 11 km. Great eruption that occurred about 416 AD destroyed three quarters of the island and left 3 small islands namely Sertung Island, Rakata Island, and Panjang Island, as well as a caldera in centre of three islands. Next comes two mountains named Mount Danan and Mount Perbuatan which then eventually unite with the Rakata Island then commonly referred as Mount Krakatoa.

On August 27, 1883 This Mount Krakatoa erupted very terrible and shocking the world. This eruption mentioned as The Deadliest Volcano after Mount Tambora Eruption. Shot of lava reached an altitude of 80 km, eruptive sound was heard in Singapore and Australia. Krakatoa eruption also caused a series of earthquakes which spread to Australia, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. His ashes around the earth for several years. Viewed from North America and Europe, when it became visible light is blue and the moon appears orange (orange).

Krakatoa eruption produced great dust that can penetrate up to 90 km distance. The eruption was also causing sea waves or tsunami as high as 40 m and a clean sweep of about 165 villages in Lampung and Banten, and about 36,000 people missing. Then Mount Danan and Perbuatan destroyed an only leaving the three islands of Panjang, Sertung, and Rakata Besar and also a caldera with a diameter of 7 km located in the middle of these islands.

1927, Forty-four years later was born the precursor of Anak Krakatau. The fishermen in the Sunda Strait suddenly surprised by the appearance of black smoke at sea level between the three islands. Then on the 29th december 1929 a crater wall appears to sea level which is also a source of eruptions. The rose of Mount Anak Krakatau, which until now continues to grow around 5 inches (13 cm) per week. Mount Anak Krakatoa which was originally only a few feet away, now it can reach 315 meters above sea level.

Mount Anak Krakatoa is still active , since Desember 1927 recorded has erupted about 75 times. The Most recent is on November 1, 2010 Mount Anak Krakatoa showing some spectacular eruption with hot gases, rocks, and lava released.

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