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Sunday, November 7, 2010

How to Create a Tulpa - ThoughtForms and Manifestations

A 'Tulpa' is a 'ThoughtForm', a psychospiritual melding of mind and energy used to create consciousness simply through willing it into existence. Tulpas are artificially created non-physical entities brought into being through the powers of meditation and visualization, in essence and theory Tulpas are powerful slaves created from the minds of their Masters, conjured forth and given being from chaos, to perform specific tasks.

The Tulpa being of no mass may travel vast distances freely and with great speed, performing the duties of those who create them. And Tulpas may be used to act out virtuous errands, or those more nefarious.

Historically the Tulpa are creatures associated with Tibetan Buddhism, and the Buddhist religion suggests that it is the mind that creates this world of appearances in which we now dwell, and as such the mind is capable of creating any physical object desired, simply through will.

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  1. There are plenty of guides online answering the question of What is a Tulpa and How to Create a Tulpa. You can find some guides here: http://www.tulpa.info/guides.html


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