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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What are Middle Eastern Vampires About ? (ما هو الشرق الأوسط حول مصاصو الدماء؟)

The Middle East is part of Asia. A very Mysterious, Traditional, Cultural, and Religious region of Asia. Through time, much events and changes took place. From some traditional middle east nations that is absolutely Asian based, it gradually expanded into both Eurasia nations and even African nations.

The Middle East Traditional Nations
Saudi Arabia
United Arab

The Greater Middle East New Addition nations
Western Sahara

Through time, events, & migrations as well as travelling, The Vampires as a matter of time began to appear in bordering nations and empires in the middle east region. The Below are a few the Vampires of Middle East.

Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Oman , Qatar , Jordan, Algul

An Arabian entity, mentioned particularly in the 1001 Nights, who feasts upon the flesh of the dead. In the Arabian tradition, this creature is usually female and she eats the bodies of dead infants as well as the bodies of the older dead.

This being gave rise to our modern concept of the ghoul, which is usually thought to be a corpse itself which rises from the dead, but which, in fact according to folklore, is a living person driven to feed up.

Assyrian ( Syria, Iran and Iraq)
Ekiminu of Babylonia and Persia

The Malignant spirits ( Half Ghost Half Vampire) of the Assyrian are known as Ekiminu ! Ekiminu origins are likely from Babylonia and it later spread over to neighbouring nations and empires.

This Malignant spirit are as a result of improper burial ! In some cases however, it is due to insufficient offering to them. They are invisible and absoultely capable of possessing humans. They lived underground and emerge during the night to feed on the living.

It is only by weapons make of wood and exorcism that they can be destoryed.


Lilith is deemed to be as a female demon ! She was once the wife of Adam, Consort of Lucifer and had a marriage with an Archangel Samael! She is also known as Queen of the Succubi, goddess of witches, A dark feminine principle known as the goddess Hecate.

The Hebrew Bible (Book of Isaiah) described Lilith but her roots are more likely in Babylonian demon studies. Lilith was a monster who roamed at night taking on the appearance of an owl. She would hunt, seeking to kill newborn children and pregnant women.She was said to be the first wife of Adam. However, she was demonised because she refused to obey Adam. She was considered evil for such "radical" desires and became a vampire who eventually attacked the children of Adam and Eve

Lilitû demons

The Assyrian lilitû were said to prey upon children and women and were described as associated with lions, storms, desert, and disease. Early portrayals of such demons are known as having Zu bird talons for feet and wings. They were highly sexually predatory towards men but were unable to copulate normally. They were thought to dwell in waste, desolate, and desert places. Like the Sumerian Dimme, a male wind demon named Pazuzu was thought to be effective against them.

Epithet was "the beautiful maiden".She was described as having no milk in her breasts and as unable to bear any children.

Other storm and night demons from a similar class are recorded from Akkadian texts around this period. The Ardat-lili is from Ardatû, which is a young unmarried woman or maiden, also sometimes a title of prostitutes, and lilitû. These "maiden liltû" would come to men in their sleep and beget children from them.Sick men would also be described as being seized by Ardat-lili. Their male counterparts, similar to an incubus were the Irdû-lili. These demons were originally storm and wind demons; however, later etymology made them into night demons.

Eurasia Middle East, Turkey and Albania

Albanians of Turkish descent who become into vampires upon their deaths are driven to go out at night in a shroud and high heel shoes to spread death and destructions. The location of their tombs can be incated by a will-o'-the-wisp.

Like the rest of Eastern Europe, these legends were reported more frequently after the 16th Century - the Eastern Orthodoxy's flexible position on superstition seems to be a major cause for the myth's increase in popularity.

Albanian names for undead vampires include:

Lugat / Kukuthi

Lugat is a vampire that was invulnerable to any form of attack humans could use. Only wolves could inflict harm onto them. The Lugat feeds on the living, but the act of feeding does not kill the victim.

Some of the northern Albanian mountain tribes had the belief that an undead vampire, which they call either a Kukuthi or a Lugat grows stronger with time until. After thirty years, when it reachs a final stage where he is no longer required to return to its grave and can live in a home during the day just like a human.

It travels alot under a disguise of a merchant. Before the lapse of the thirty year period following burial, the vampire can be destroyed in its grave by such means as driving a stake through its heart, cutting the tendons behind the knee caps (ham stringing), and especially cremation which is most recommended.

The Kukuthi or Lugat can only be destroyed by a wolf. This is done by when if you can get the wolf to bite away the vampire's legs off. The vampire would then retreats to his grave and never leaves it again. Some Albanians share the names Vrykolakas and Vorkolak with their Greek and Macedonian neighbors and also the beliefs that go with them.


Sampiro is another vampire in Albanian lore. Which stalks its victims wearing heeled shoes and a shroud.

The Sampiro rises from its grave shortly after it's internment, about 3-4 hours. It rises dressed in its grave shroud, and is described in all of the folklore wearing high heels with large, bright glowing eyes.

Sampiro cannot walk too well on the high heels and hence it "toddles" after it's victim (which in the beginning of it's "career" tends to be close family members or other loved ones) in an unbalanced kind of way. If they are lucky enough to catch their victim, then it means certain death. If their victim gets away, they have been known to stop at cottages and homes along the way and peer into windows. It is said that if the gaze of their strange glowing eyes falls on any people in that home, those people will come down with an illness, sometimes a fatal one, within days. In this way, the Sampiro is in fact more virulent than other vampires since they can make entire households fatally ill just by walking after one victim and then walking back to return to their grave site.

Albanian people believed that any person with any Turkish blood in them would become a Sampiro. Another interesting note, says that a Sampiro was able to flush out a "real" vampire therefore sometimes people that were half Albanian/half Turkish made a living by being "vampire hunters", believing that after death, they would become a Sampiro. Usually they had arrangements made for decapitation special burial rites with their village priest for the time of their death to save them from this fate and ensure their way to heaven.


Egyptian Vampires are pretty much like a god to generalize it. Some of the Mummies can be a Half Vampire and some of the Vampires can be a half Mummy! They do have a few. The below will be as follows.

The Astral Being

The Ancient Egyptians had Ka being referenced as an astral being. Ka was believed to be supervising entity for all human mortality and the ancient egyptians viewed Ka as a spiritual double that continue to exist after death among the living.

A guide in the physical world, so as to speak. The translation of death in ancient Egypt was "going to one's Ka. The ba, or soul of a human, remained very close with the Ka" in burial. Burying the dead was of religious concern in Egypt, and Egyptian funerary rituals and equipment eventually became the most elaborate the world has ever known. The Egyptians believed that the vital life-force was composed of several psychical elements, of which the most important was the ka. The ka, a duplicate of the body, accompanied the body throughout life and, after death, departed from the body to take its place in the kingdom of the dead.

The ka, however, could not exist without the body; every effort had to be made, therefore, to preserve the corpse. Bodies were embalmed and mummified according to a traditional method supposedly begun by Isis, who mummified her husband Osiris. In addition, wood or stone replicas of the body were put into the tomb in the event that the mummy was destroyed. The greater the number of statue-duplicates in his or her tomb, the more chances the dead person had of resurrection.

As a final protection, exceedingly elaborate tombs were erected to protect the corpse and its equipment. Offerings of physical sustenance, (food, wine, etc) where conducted daily. These offerings were to ensure that the Ka did not have to wander to other sites in search of sustenance. The idea that the Ka leaving the tomb could perhaps be the basis of the popular belief that vampires originated from Egypt.

Osiris The King of Egypt and Vampire God

Egyptian Civilization had their vampires held in high regards and some of them became kings and were depicted among Egyptian art together with the 2 other races of Cat people and warewolves. Many times, these powerful races were mistaken as gods for their features and powers. Humans recognized the werewolves Anubis and Ammut and the felines Sekmet and Bastet among the beings that worked with vampires during that time.

One of the most popular of vampires of time was Osiris. Osiris and his brother Set were abandoned by their vampire parents and had them left with humans who practiced magic. Their foster parents raised these two vampires together with their two human daughters, Isis and Nephytus teaching them all the ways of magic. Osiris used his magic and abilities to bring agricultural to the humans of Egypt. He was appointed King of Egypt and ruled with Isis as his wife.

So jealous was Set of Osiris that he had seeked to have greater powers. This Evil vampire Set used his magic to create lower grade vampires by infecting humans. Set and his vampires plotted and murdered Osiris to take the throne of Egypt. Isis began a quest to resurrect Osiris from the dead while their son, Horus, seeked vengence against Set.

To assist Horus in the war against Set, a powerful sun sorcerer named Ra placed a curse on the infected human-vampires of Set. With the lower grades vampires cursed from sunlight, Horus was able to defeat Set's armies and battle Set one-on-one. Isis brought Osiris back from the dead through magic but he had however became bound to the Netherworld.

Osiris from then on became known to humans as lord of the Underworld. Through Osiris the vampire race can tap into the powers of the Netherworld. Horus continued to establish Egypt giving pharoahs power to rule

Many cults began in Egypt that continued to worship the magic in the land. One of these factions were created by the vampire Priest who was mistaken for the Egyptian god of wisdom Thoth. This Vampire Priest kept the Book of the Dead and found ways of sanctifying vampires with magic and mummification. With the vampire Lazarus, they learned the ways of allowing vampires to slumber without feeding from human blood.

Many of the master vampires use these techniques founded by this Vampire Priest and Lazarus to hibernate until a time comes for them to be awaken. Through magic other vampires such as Igneous and Goliath found ways of increasing the defenses of vampires while they slumber to ensure protection if the werewolf race would ever turn.

Sekhmet Vampire Warrior Goddess

In Egypt, there was a goddess by the name of Sekhmet which had a reputation for drinking blood. Early records had showned that Sekhmet was a warrior Goddess. She was being depicted as a lioness and was known as the most fearless hunters Egyptians had ever known.

Legend has it that her breath was responsible for creating the desert. Overall, the pharaohs saw her as their protector and when it came time to enter war and other battles, it was she who delivered guidance.

A cult emerged in Egypt devoted to Sekhmet. It grew to the point that it was so prominent that when the first pharaoh of the 12th dynasty Amenemhat, shifted the capital of Egypt to Itjtawy, the center for her cult was also moved. During ancient Egyptian days, religion, governing powers, and the royal bloodlines were all linked in some way over the course of 3,000 years.

Besides a Warrior Goddess, Sekhmet was also known as a solar deity, which is why she is sometimes shown wearing a solar disk. Because of these associations, she is connected to justice and keeping order. The color red is prominent in visual records of the goddess, as she is dressed in the color – a direct connection to blood. Other links to this goddess include the goddesses Hathor and Bast, and the Eye of Horus, which served as an ancient Egyptian symbol of deity protection and royal power.

When it came to the power of Sekhmet, she was known to bring disease, but also provided ways to cure sickness. Physicians and surgeons during the Middle Kingdom were sometimes made reference to the goddess. In the past, it was not uncommon to see priests associated with Sekhmet as being on the same level as doctors.

In an attempt to appease this goddess, festivals were celebrated at the end of battles, in hopes that destruction would befall their opponents. Annual festivals were held at the start of each year, where drinking to the point of intoxication was quite common. Dancing and the playing of music helped strike up the mood. It was believed that these actions could tame the wild streak of the goddess.


  1. Eritrea is *not* a Middle East country!

  2. Unfortunately perhaps Eritrea is a middle east country, however!

    You may want to refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle_East to look at the list of nations which are listed as middle east.

    Eritrea is listed in greater middle east section under the Horn of Africa portion

  3. if click on the Wikipedia link, it says that Greater Middle East is a political term coined by the Bush administration to englobe together various countries, pertaining to the Muslim world, specifically Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    So its CORRECT to say Eritrea is not Middle East, but rather group together with the TRADITIONAL AND HISTORICAL Middle East Countries by USA and George Bush.

    Eritrea is African country!

    Please check your links and facts before providing wrong information!

  4. Hi all, it is right to say that Eritrea is an African country, but in the context of this article, we look at the Middle East as a geographical ideology, not politically or historically.

    We always strive to provide the correct and accurate information.

    Any inconvenience is regretted.

  5. Where can I find real vampires in Palestine ?


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