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Monday, November 15, 2010

Vampires of Babylonia & Persia ( مصاصي الدماء من بابل وبلاد فارس )

Assyrian ( Syria, Iran and Iraq)

Ekiminu of Babylonia

The malignant spirits (Half Ghost Half Vampire) of the Assyrian are known as Ekiminu. Ekiminu origins are likely from Babylonia and it later spread over to neighbouring nations and empires.

This malignant spirit are as a result of improper burial! In some cases hoever, it is due to insufficient offering to them. They are invisible and absoultely capable of possessing humans. They lived underground and emerge during the night to feed on the living.

It is only by weapons make of wood and exorcism that they can be destoryed.


Lilith is deemed to be as a female demon. She was once the kife of Adam, Consort of Lucifer and had a marriage with an Archangel Samael.

She is also known as Queen of the Succubi, goddess of witches, A dark feminine principle known as the goddess Hecate.

The Hebrew Bible (Book of Isaiah) described Lilith but her roots are more likely in Babylonian demon studies. Lilith was a monster who roamed at night taking on the appearance of an owl. She would hunt, seeking to kill newborn children and pregnant women. She was said to be the first wife of Adam. However, she was demonised because she refused to obey Adam. She was considered evil for such "radical" desires and became a vampire who eventually attacked the children of Adam and Eve.

Lilitû demons

The Assyrian lilitû were said to prey upon children and women and were described as associated with lions, storms, desert, and disease. Early portrayals of such demons are known as having Zu bird talons for feet and wings. They were highly sexually predatory towards men but were unable to copulate normally.

They were thought to dwell in waste, desolate, and desert places. Like the Sumerian Dimme, a male wind demon named Pazuzu was thought to be effective against them.

Lilith's epithet was "the beautiful maiden". She was described as having no milk in her breasts and as unable to bear any children.

Other storm and night demons from a similar class are recorded from Akkadian texts around this period. The Ardat-lili is from Ardatû, which is a young unmarried woman or maiden, also sometimes a title of prostitutes, and lilitû. These "maiden liltû" would come to men in their sleep and beget children from them. Sick men would also be described as being seized by Ardat-lili. Their male counterparts, similar to an incubus, were the Irdû-lili. These demons were originally storm and wind demons; however, later etymology made them into night demons


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