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Monday, November 8, 2010

What are Thai Vampires all about? ( อะไรคือ Vampires ไทยทั้งหมดเกี่ยวกับ? )

Among the Vampires of Asia, Thai/Myanmar and India Vampires are among one of the most ferocious ones of Asia.

Phii / Phi- ( Other names : Phii Song Nang - Phii Krasue)

The Phii was one of countless spirits from Thai mythology. Phi were believed to inhabit the countryside and were the ghosts of people killed by animals, women died in childbirth, dead people who did not have proper funeral rites, and those sudden unexpected deaths. These were the sources of various forms of attacks including vampirism. They bit, scratched, and caused disease.

For the Various occult practitioners, the ways of the Phii were pretty well known to them. Maw Du or a Seer would be called upon cases where a person had been attacked by the Phii. The Maw Dus will use various spells and incantation to get rid of the phi. They also sold charms to prevent the attack of the phi.

Phii Song Nang

Phii Song Nang is basically identical to the Pontianak of Indonesia and Malaysia. They appeared as beautiful young women and attacked and vampirized young men. A seer or 'Maw Du' can be called upon to make spells and incantations to get rid of this Phii.

Phii Krasue

The Phii Krasue is a very scary ghost in Thai mythology. The Phii Krasue is very similar to the Pelagganan of Malaysia and Kappa of Japan as in that it It is a flying head with entrails hanging from below. It has a voracious hunger for blood and intestines and a tendency to feed from people's bottoms with its long tongue. It uses its long flicking tongue to lick the dead carcass and sharp teeth to chew on it. It has a similarity with a ghost type from Malaysia called the penanggalan

The Phii Krasue is a phenomenon which has some similarities to the vampires of Eastern Europe in that it is an ‘undead’ creature that exists by drinking the blood of the living. It often takes the shape of a handsome man or beautiful woman in order to lure its victims.

Unlike the Manananggal of the Philippines, the Penanggalan of Malaysia/Indonesia the Nukekubi of Japan, a Phii Krasue cannot be killed/destroyed. Destruction of its carcass is ineffectual, as its spirit will transmigrate to another body. But, to the very maximum it can be temporarily disabled by wounds to its physical body.

The only way to be permanently rid of a Phii Krasue is to appease the spirit that inhabits it. Since a Phii Krasue is created by an intense desire for revenge at the moment of death, the way to appease it is to find out what wrong has been done, and to right it. If this can be achieved, the spirit will be free to be reborn to a new life in the natural cycle of reincarnation.


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