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Monday, November 1, 2010

What is a Chinese Vampire All About ? 华人殭屍是什麼一回事?

What is a Chinese Vampire all about? Well, the impression that most of us have is those from the movies and we would often thought that only during the Qing dynasty which was the last dynasty of china that has vampires.

In actual fact, those you see from the movies are Manchurian Vampires to be more exact.

Chinese Vampires is all about that skipping, hopping , jumping or leaping around.

There are many grades of them. The rather lower grade ones, ya , they are the jumping ones something somewhat similar to what you see in the movies. However, the higher grades ones do not.


中华式吸血僵尸, 所谓行走方式为一步一步往前跳。


The Higher grades ones have the ability of transformations in animals etc.. and some even have the ability of elemental summoning or other forms of summoning !

The only way to really have a Chinese Vampire destroyed is by the means of cremation. They are really destroyed once they have been turned into ashes.

As long as they are not turned into ashes, they are never destroyed in the first place. If you want to destroy a Chinese, Do really destroy it and do not allow it a chance to escape and recover.

The reason would that once it fully recovers from the wounds and injuries you have inflected on it, it will be become more and more powerful that before. Defeating and destroying it simply just gets harder and harder each time by then.

The Common point of Vampires of Asia regardless which race or nationality it is from, as long as they are Asians they share a common point which is that they cannot cross water!

I am talking about rivers, lakes , oceans etc.. when i am say that they cannot cross waters. The only way is unless they are being transported across the waters by other means such as boat etc... But if it just crossing of the waters by themselves on their own, they are not able to do so.

高级吸血僵尸, 具有变身成动物等等, 或者操作火水风雷。

毁灭吸血僵尸的唯一方法,只限于焚化烧尸。 化成灰为灭。

不化成灰, 非灭。要毁灭中华式吸血僵尸就要彻底。


亚洲吸血鬼共同点乃: 无法渡水。


Things that can be used on a Chinese Vampire when exorcising it or protecting yourself would be as follows :
1) Garlic 大蒜
2) Glutinous rice 糯米 (they must not be cooked !)
3) Salt 鹽

The rest not mentioned, leave it to the exorcist master !
The above mentioned 3 are already fundamental and basic enough.

For your information, the Western or the Caucasian way of Vampire exorcism such as Holy water, the Cross, Bible or by the means of piercing the heart of the vampire cannot defeat or exorcist a Chinese Vampire. It is defiantly not applicable and has no effects on the Chinese Vampire.

There are many ways how a Vampire can come into existence. The below would just some out of the many.

1) Victims of Premature burial
2) Improper Death
3) Suicide 自殺
4) Desires to cause trouble to the living after death
5) Coffin exposed to Moonlight
6) Improper Burial Procedures
7) Died of a Violet Death
8) An angry and restless deceased when alive
9) or angry and restless dead on the living for postponing burial
10) A Black Cat that jump over the coffin 黑貓跳過棺材

To simplify how come a person can become into a vampire, it defiantly has something to do with the soul or spirit having troubles living the body when it really had should ! Hence, it became into a vampire, half dead half alive ! A dead not able to be really dead and the living that is not able to be alive.

It is only by the means of cremation that it can in peace finally once it has been turned into ashes. You can keep the ashes if you want to, but keep it properly this time and be very careful of it.

In any event that this ash is stolen, people who knows witchcraft and black magic can have this Vampire brought back to life again from the ashes. However if the ashes is being blown away by the wind and already scattered then this possibility is zero in the first place.


1) 大蒜
2) 糯米 (勿煮)
3) 盐


西洋吸血鬼打退护身法例如:圣水,十字架,圣书,刺穿心脏,都无法打退中华僵尸 (下文省略成‘’中僵‘)。


1) 过早埋葬
6) 不适合埋葬手续






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