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Thursday, November 18, 2010

What are Russian Vampires All About ? ( Что русскому Вампиры Все О? )

Russia is an Eurasian country , which is partially Asian and partially European. It has been often a question of if Russia is Europe or Asia as it has both many factors that makes Asian and European.

Upyr – Upierczi - Ereticy - Erestuny - Vourdalak

During the 15th to 16th centuries, Vampires are very well known in many places of both Europe and Eurasia ! Often, Cult would offer sacrifices to the Vampires existing among the ancient Slavs. Sometimes, Vampire in a figurative sense can also be used for referring of an extortionist , a Curel person or an exploiter.

In the old superstitions Vampires is known as Upyr , Upior in Russia, Ukraine , Upiór, Upierzica for the Poles , Upir for the Czechs, Upir for the Serbs, Upra for Byelorussia and Vapir, Vupir for the Bulgarians.

Russian Vampires belong to the undead classifications and is said be a corpse possessed by the devil sometimes. Commonly, they are known as Upir but sometimes spelled as Upyr as well.

In Slavic folk beliefs, this corpse will comes out of the grave to harm people and to suck living people's blood.

To Destroy a Eastern Slavic vampire includes driving a wooden stake through the exhumed corpse's heart or other critical parts of the body, decapitation as well as Cremation. In certain districts, this corpse of a suspected to be a vampire was simply being dumped into a lake or river.

In the northern and central parts of Russia and some other parts of the general region, eretich (literally meaning "heretic") came to be a special term for a vampire, applied to anyone who became an undead vampire as the result of dying outside the Christian Orthodox Faith.

But it applied the most, especially to evil sorcerers and witches who returned from graves after dying and who had sold their souls to the devil while they were still alive. In an account from one district in central European Russia, the eretiches were women who had sold their souls to the devil. After their death, they passed as living women and specialized in turning living Orthodox Christians against their faith. At night they slept in graveyards, occupying the graves of those who died unfaithful.

Sorcery and vampirism also combined in the belief that even a good person could become an Upir after he died by the intervention of an evil sorcerer who magically took possession of his soul.

Upyr ( Russia)

This Vampire is considered to be extremely vicious. It will first attack children and then continue on to kill the parents. As with the Upier, the Upyr rises during the day and sleeps at night, and in doing so has a fairly human appearance. It is related to Upir and Upier.

Upierczi ( Poland and Russia )

Vampires from Poland and Russia. They are victims who became into a Vampire who are of a result of Suicide, violent death or practice of witchcraft during its lifetime. Heretics, witches and suicides were thought to turn into Vampirs, Uppyr or Upierczi after death.

They are said to be the cause of droughts, and they go as far as drying the dew on plants. They have a sting under the tongue instead of the fangs and they are active from noon to midnight.

To rid themselves of the Upierczi , they had to drown it in a lake or river (salt water was not indicated). If it were transfixed with a nail, it could be hit no more than once or it would revive. It isd most advisable to destroy them by the means of burning. When burned, the body will burst, giving rise to hundreds of small, disgusting animals (maggots, rats, etc.). If any of these creatures escape then the Upierczi's spirit will escape too, and will return to seek revenge.

Ereticy or Erestuny ( Russia)

Ereticy or Erestuny were re-animated corpses brought back by sorcerers to begin feeding on their relatives. They also fed on or women who'd sold their souls to Satan. They slept on graves and made noises in the public bathrooms

The ereticy of old women who sold their soul to the Devil or people who were excommunicated for heresy by the Church. Such heretical beings arise as vampires after their death, and were thought to sleep in the coffins of the impious. The ereticy were attributed with the evil eye and coming into contact with one generally guaranteed that you were doomed to waste away and die.

Vourdalak ( Russia)

It is a Vampire, considered in Russian folklore to be a beautiful but evil woman


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