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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What is a Malay Vampire All About ? ( Apakah Melayu Vampire All About? )

Basically to say, Malay has 3 types of Vampires.

The First is known as a Langsuyar and second type is known as a Pontianak, the 2 are often confused to be the same but they are not. The third type is known as the Penanggalan.

Same as the Chinese Vampires or any other Asian Vampires, They, likewise have some trouble and problems crossing waters. Waters as in like rivers, lakes etc...

In comparison, Malay Vampires are ghost like and are viewed as Ghosts. Ghost and Vampires are almost the same to them. Chinese Vampires on the other hand, it really depends. Some are very Zombie like, Some very Beastly like and others the undead or immortal classification.

Other names : Langsuior

She is Basically described as a banshee like flying demon. She was said to be woman of extreme beauty. She died of Childbirth basically. She resents her life & felt sad that her beloved child was taken away from her. She wants others to share the same fate as her. eventually led to her becoming into a monster , known as the Langsuyar for she was unable to accept this fact based on stories of her Orgins.

This Langsuyar is often being described as wearing a green robe, Long finger nails & long black hair up to the ankle length. She has a hole in her neck.

To guard against a Langsuyar, hang a thorny branch across the entrance of your home. She will believe that she cannot enter without being horribly scratched.

At the very beginning, Langsuyar only suck blood of children, but as a matter of time she turned into a flesh eater.

In the usual stories, it is all about a mother becoming into a monster because of her children, for the love of her children.

Malay Woman are believed to become into a Langsuyar if she died during Childbirth or 40 days immediately after the child was born. To prevent it, her family would place glass beads in her mouth to stop any banshee like Shrieks. To prevent her from flying, eggs would be placed under her arms and a needle poked in the palm of each hand at point of childbirth.

To Tamed a Langsuyar, you will need to capture it first and then cut off her nails and hair and then stuffing them into the hole of her neck. When this is done, this Langsuyar would become domesticated and could live among the humans, normally.

Claims have been made of, tamed Langsuyar who lived and got married in the local village and eventually bore children. However, their new life ended usually at a village party when they began to dance. Suddenly, they would revert to their more spirit like form and fly off to the jungle, leaving husband and child behind.


A Potianak is both a Ghost and a Vampire of the Malay version and has similiarities with a Chinese Vampire. To the Malays, they would see the Potianak and the Chinese Vampire ( Jiang Shi) as the same with no differences. It has been said that Potianaks are much more powerful and fearsome than Western Vampires.

Potianak were believed to be Child of a Langsuyar. They could changed into an owl during the night.

They feed on pregnant woman, infants, fetus & Children. Only sharp objects can be used to deal with a Pontianak. The more Sharp and prickly it is , the better ! A nail has to been driven into her neck and she will be reverted back into the woman she used to be once, as her original form. The second method to stop her will be that you will have to disrobe yourself but before doing so, one needs to be ugly, a ugly body !

To have a Potianak trapped and to be by your bidding, one must tie a red thread from a Banana Tree to the foot and sleep on your bed. Think of a beautiful with your imaginations. Be as Imaginative as possible. Through your thoughts, she will appear in front of you at your bed.

Be very careful about the red thread! She trapped and is under your every command due to that thread. She has a very strong desire to be freed. If she is successful, You are definitely Finished !

To release the Pontianak that is under a person's bidding, remove the pins or needles that is located at her tree. Once you do so, she is being released from her sufferings and will seek absolute revenge on her master controlling her.

When things go out of hand, there is only way to stop this Banana Tree spirit Potianak , which is to have her banana tree chopped off with only one strike. You have one chance and her tree must be chop off the first time right with only just one chop. If you fail to do so, You fail to stopped her ! SO GOOD LUCK to you ! Best that you don't even do it in the first place.

Other Names : Hantu Penanggal / Penanggal

A Penanggalan is something similar to the Philippines Aswang or Mananaggal.
The Philippines Aswang or Mananaggal is upper half Woman body that has been detached from a full human body and has wings when it flies. The Penanggalan on the other hand is just a head of woman with her internal organs like her stomach and intestines tangling below her and She flies.

Both the Mananaggal and the Penanggalan shared some Austronesian roots and hence the two distinct culturally in terms of appearances and behaviors.

From afar especially her tangling organs, it looks like the twinkling of fireflies as the Penanggalan flies during the night. During the day time and at any time when she did not detached herself from her body, she is just like any human like you and me.

Orgins of her is about a woman involved with black magic or a woman who dabbles with demonic powers.
tales speaks of woman who wants supernatural powers but had made a broken pact with the demon she fails not to eat meat within 40 days and was hence punished by the demon who turned her into a Vampire known as the Penanggalan.

Some other origins speaks of a priestess or an ordinary beautiful woman who was having a ritual bath in a tub that once held vinegar in the wild. While bathing herself and in a state of concentration or meditation. A man who wanted to watch her bath, entered the room without any warning and startled her. During her shocked, She jerked her head up to look who was this man and moved too quickly that in the process of an accident, her head was sever from her body with her organs and entrails pulling out of the neck opening by some tree branch or some sort.

She was so furious on what this man has caused to her ! She flew after him with her empty body left in vat. Her organs was dripping with Venom. Hence, it is said that the Penanggal carries an odar of Vinegar with her wherever she flies. Even during day time when she passes off as an ordinary mortal woman, there is still some odor of Vinegar from her body. That is one of the ways to identify a Penanggal if she is among one of you.

Penanaggal has been described to be able move through walls and ooze up through the cracks in the floorboards of a house. She can also move her intestines like tentacles during her attack.

A person can also become one when under a powerful curse or a under a demonic force. A Mananaggal has only 2 fangs but the Penanggal has a Mouthful of Fangs.


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