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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Japanese Man's Online Suicide Video (GRAPHIC VIDEO WARNING)

The man had announced his intention to kill himself in a chat room last week, after complaining about his job at a bank, the Daily Telegraph reported. Some people posted messages urging him to stop. But others egged him on, urging him to get it over with - though some may have believed they were watching a hoax, according to the paper.

The man's first attempt failed. But he tried again and succeeded. His body was found around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday local time, according to the Daily Mail.

Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. In 2003, the most recent year for which statistics are available, the rate among men was 36.5 for every 100,000, according to the World Health Association. The rate for men in the U.S. was 17.6 per 100,000.

This video is for the purposes of highlighting that we feel that there may be some paranormal causes in this man's final decision. Was he being haunted "physically" or "psychologically" ? Was he being tormented by "inner" demons or "real" demons?

There seems to be a spate of suicide attempts prevalent in Japan. Could this also be a case of mass hysteria?

Unfortunately, we might probably never find out the truth. But, everyone, please take this as a lesson learnt to all of us, and please please treasure your life.

[Japan's Most Haunted Forest - Aokigahara]

[Suicide Forest In Mountain Fuji Japan]

DISCLAIMER: Asia Paranormal does not condone such behavior and actions. We wish to emphasize the fact that life is precious and please, do not recklessly endanger it and cause misery to the people and loved ones around you. If need be, please seek help or counselling. There is always a solution.

WARNING: Contents of the video may be disturbing and graphic to minors. By clicking on the link [Click here for the video] below , you hereby acknowledge and agree with the disclaimer above and thereby claim your own responsibility should any unforeseen events arise in your viewing of this video. You also agree that Asia Paranormal shall not be held liable for any events unforseen or otherwise that might occur from viewing of this video.

For any comments and feedback please post in our blog or send them to asiaparanormal@gmail.com

[Click here for the video]


  1. That suicide sucked, it took forever to get his has to jump, motherfucker contemplate your shit before you turn on the video to do it. Useless waste, good-bye asshole, you can't even die right.

    1. LMAO..HAHAHAHA....seriously man..i dint even know what he was upto.

  2. ^ wow you cruel emotionless fuck. I feel sorry for your lack of compassion and love in the world. You are the one that is dead. ^

  3. @ the first 2 comments: You know, it takes a lot of balls to commit suicide, not everyone has the strength to do it right away, it takes serious guts my man and I bet you couldn't do it!


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