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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Summary List of Eurasia Vampires

Eurasia Vampires

Pretty difficult to really explain Eurasia, but to make it simple, It is basically countries which are strategically in terms of geographical location, located at the bordering areas between Asia and Europe.

Such nations to generalize it, are Eurasia countries as they are somewhat and somehow half Asian and half Europe in someway or another.

The below will be a summary list of some of Vampires of the Eurasia region.

Armenia - Dakhanavar

Dakhanavar protected a valley near Mount Ararat by sucking blood from the feet of travellers. When two men slept with their feet under each other's heads Dakhanavar mistook them for a monster with two heads and no feet and was never heard of again.

Poland - Upier

A unusual Vampires as it rises at midday and returns to sleep at midnight. It is said to have a barbed tongue and consumes vast quantities of blood. This creature's fascination with blood goes much further than normal vampires as it sleeps in blood as well. It is related to the Upir and Upyr.

Ukraine - Upir

Vampire that is noted for its desire to eat large amounts of fish. It is related to Upier and Upyr.

Russia (Upyr)

This Vampire is considered to be extremely vicious. It will first attack children and then continue on to kill the parents. As with the Upier, the Upyr rises during the day and sleeps at night, and in doing so has a fairly human appearance. It is related to Upir and Upier.

Poland and Russia (Upierczi )

Vampires from Poland and Russia. They are victims who became into a Vampire who are of a result of Suicide, violent death or practice of witchcraft during its lifetime. Heretics, witches and suicides were thought to turn into Vampirs, Uppyr or Upierczi after death.

They are said to be the cause of droughts, and they go as far as drying the dew on plants. They have a sting under the tongue instead of the fangs and they are active from noon to midnight.

To rid themselves of the Upierczi , they had to drown it in a lake or river (salt water was not indicated). If it were transfixed with a nail, it could be hit no more than once or it would revive. It isd most advisable to destroy them by the means of burning. When burned, the body will burst, giving rise to hundreds of small, disgusting animals (maggots, rats, etc.). If any of these creatures escape then the Upierczi's spirit will escape too, and will return to seek revenge.

Russia (Ereticy or Erestuny)

Ereticy or Erestuny were re-animated corpses brought back by sorcerers to begin feeding on their relatives. They also fed on or women who'd sold their souls to Satan. They slept on graves and made noises in the public bathrooms

The ereticy of old women who sold their soul to the Devil or people who were excommunicated for heresy by the Church. Such heretical beings arise as vampires after their death, and were thought to sleep in the coffins of the impious. The ereticy were attributed with the evil eye and coming into contact with one generally guaranteed that you were doomed to waste away and die.

Russia ( Vourdalak )

It is a Vampire, considered in Russian folklore to be a beautiful but evil woman

Albanians of Turkish descent who become into vampires upon their deaths are driven to go out at night in a shroud and high heel shoes to spread death and destructions. The location of their tombs can be incated by a will-o'-the-wisp.

Like the rest of Eastern Europe, these legends were reported more frequently after the 16th Century - the Eastern Orthodoxy's flexible position on superstition seems to be a major cause for the myth's increase in popularity.

Albanian names for undead vampires include:

Lugat / Kukuthi

Lugat is a vampire that was invulnerable to any form of attack humans could use. Only wolves could inflict harm onto them. The Lugat feeds on the living, but the act of feeding does not kill the victim.

Some of the northern Albanian mountain tribes had the belief that an undead vampire, which they call either a Kukuthi or a Lugat grows stronger with time until. After thirty years, when it reachs a final stage where he is no longer required to return to its grave and can live in a home during the day just like a human.

It travels alot under a disguise of a merchant. Before the lapse of the thirty year period following burial, the vampire can be destroyed in its grave by such means as driving a stake through its heart, cutting the tendons behind the knee caps (ham stringing), and especially cremation which is most recommended.

The Kukuthi or Lugat can only be destroyed by a wolf. This is done by when if you can get the wolf to bite away the vampire's legs off. The vampire would then retreats to his grave and never leaves it again.

Some Albanians share the names Vrykolakas and Vorkolak with their Greek and Macedonian neighbors and also the beliefs that go with them.


Sampiro is another vampire in Albanian lore. Which stalks its victims wearing heeled shoes and a shroud.

The Sampiro rises from its grave shortly after it's internment, about 3-4 hours. It rises dressed in its grave shroud, and is described in all of the folklore wearing high heels with large, bright glowing eyes.

Sampiro cannot walk too well on the high heels and hence it "toddles" after it's victim (which in the beginning of it's "career" tends to be close family members or other loved ones) in an unbalanced kind of way. If they are lucky enough to catch their victim, then it means certain death. If their victim gets away, they have been known to stop at cottages and homes along the way and peer into windows. It is said that if the gaze of their strange glowing eyes falls on any people in that home, those people will come down with an illness, sometimes a fatal one, within days. In this way, the Sampiro is in fact more virulent than other vampires since they can make entire households fatally ill just by walking after one victim and then walking back to return to their grave site.

Albanian people believed that any person with any Turkish blood in them would become a Sampiro. Another interesting note, says that a Sampiro was able to flush out a "real" vampire therefore sometimes people that were half Albanian/half Turkish made a living by being "vampire hunters", believing that after death, they would become a Sampiro. Usually they had arrangements made for decapitation special burial rites with their village priest for the time of their death to save them from this fate and ensure their way to heaven.

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