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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What ARE Myanmar Vampires all about

Among one of the most Fierce Vampires in the continent of Asia are those of India, Thailand and Myanmar.

Thaye - Tases

Thaye or Tasei were disembodied evil spirits with appearances of people that are tall , dark, huge ears, long tongues and tusk-like teeth. They resided near villages at the local cemeteries. On occasion they assumed characteristics of vampires and ghouls and fed on corpses or went into the village to attack living people.They entered the towns during the noon or by dark and causes minor illness.

Most of the Myanmar vampires were when human, evil ! The thaye / tasei, were malevolent ghosts that because of their evil earthly life, condemned to their disembodied state until they had worked out their karmic difficulties and were eventually reborn into another body. These disembodied ghosts, at times, took on a kind of visible materiality.

In the folklore, protection from ghosts was provided by a Lehpwe, an amulet for a variety of purposes. One such amulet consisted of a drawing of an elephant made from the letters of the Myanmar alphabet. Popular in earlier centuries was tattooing of the body in the area between the navel and the knee. There were also specific rituals to banish ghosts from a village, both brief ones for individual use and longer ones for the community.


It is an evil tree-spirit similar to the Yara-Ma-Yha!

They are natss (spirits) who inhabit trees in Burmese folklore. They are believed to live on the tops of trees, and are guardians of the sky. Yokkhaso and bhummaso are are also nats that live on the trunks and roots of the trees respectively.


KEPHN is one of the Burmese Vampires species that's both a Vampire as well as a powerful Sorcerer. Among the Karen tribes of Burma generally linked to sorcery, Kephn is in the shape of a floating head and stomach and it's preferred meal is the human soul.

The description of the Kephn is very similar to the 'Penanggalan of Malysia/Indonesia and the Phii Krasue of Thailand. This Sorcerer which has a pact with the demonic forces, transforms at the dead of night into a ghoulish floating head and stomach. When in this new apparition shape, the Kephn sucks the souls of the living and can even transport these souls into the bodies of the long deceased - creating zombie slaves.

The Kephn are incredibly strong and deceptively crafty. They can be easily disposed of in the daytime ( when still in the form of the human sorcerer which summoned it), decapitation and immediate cremation is recommended.

When this brutal creature roams the night in the full supernatural splendor, it's best to hunt it with a team of up to a dozen prepared and well armed people. Decapitation and burning the remains is still the most noted course of action.

The only human being known to have been able to defeat a Kephn in one-on-one combat was a Ghurka, a well trained Burmese soldier, using a superbly crafted KUKRI KNIFE based on legends.


Another Evil Burmese creatures is the TASE ! This psychic entities are difficult to distinguish between a vampire or a ghost. They are a breed of blood drinking specters associated with spreading plague and disease.

Actually, there are three subspecies of the Tase, the first and most rare among is the Hminza-Tase. It is a demon which possesses the bodies of animals such as owls, crocodiles, tigers or other creatures, and then slaughters the species. Afterwards it proceeds to lure humans into remote parts of the woods, rip them to pieces and drink their blood.

The second subspecies is the Thabet-Tase, consisting of the angry spirit of woman who has died in childbirth. They feed of the sexual energies of men, especially in their sleep, and delight in trying to stop newly married couples from having any children.

The third is the Thaye-Tase, disgusting giants which spread disease, and are believed to be trapped spirits who've gone insane from being stuck between planes of existence.


Despite involved in much vampiric activities, A Swawmx is likely to be a Vampire Deity worshiped by the Burmese.


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