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Saturday, November 6, 2010

What are Japanese Vampires all About? ( 和式バンパイアとは?)

During ancient times, Japan did not really have something exactly that is of a Vampire. But since the days of the ancient, they however do have something similar to a Vampire. Perhaps it was somewhere in the process of modernization & globalization that they gradually have something that is really of a Vampire.

しかし古代以来、バンパイアに似たものがあったらしい 。近代化の到来を迎え、バンパイアが徐々、現代日本の大衆文化の一部になりつつあります。

The below would be 2 mythological monsters of ancient Japan that is similar to a Vampire


Nukekubi (Other Writings : 抜首 , ぬけくび - ヌケクビ)

The Nukekubi would be something similar to a Penanggalan of the Malays or the Manananggal of the Filipinos. It is basically a Human during the day and lives among the humans. However, at night, the head of this creature would detached itself from the body in search of a victim and bites by the neck of the victim sucking blood.


When as a human during the day, they are of no difference like anyone of us. perhaps weak as a human during the day, but at night they are at their strongest when they become into vampire mode known as the Nukekubi ! The only weakness they have would be the body they have left behind. If their body is being destroyed or hidden and they cannot find back their own body, they would perished at the first rays of sunlight.


A way to recognise them during the day would be to keep a look out for a red line marking around the night as that is the point where which they detached themselves from. However again, that red line could be easily covered by the clothes they wear or some jewelries.


Kappa ( Kawatarō , Kawako , Hyōsube , Gatarō , Enkō)

The English name for the Kappa would be River Imp or Sprite. It is among one of the Suijin(Water Kami) 水神 of Japan.

Kappa are very horrible looking human like children with skin that is greenish yellow in colour, with webbed fingers and toes, as well as long nose and round eyes that is monkey like. They have shells like tortoises and smells of a fish. They also had concave head which contains waters. Should the water spills, the Kappa would lose its' strength.

河童は不細工で、子供に見えるんだが、皮膚が緑黄色で、水掻きのある足と手を持ってる。鼻も長くて、目が猿みたいに丸い。甲 があり、魚の匂いがする。頭上に窪んだ所に水が入ってる。水が零されたら、河童が力を失うんでしょう。

Kappas are found near water edges and they pull their victims down and in, into the water.They suck the victim's blood through their anuses. Horses and cows are at times dragged down into their water homes as the victims of the Kappa. At other times, Kappas would leave their watery homes to residential areas nearby to steal fruits.


Besides sucking blood, Kappa also have strong & powerful sexual desires. Even if they don't suck your blood, they rape you instead ! They also steal human livers as well. However, it is possible to enter into binding agreements with the Kappa not to attack humans. But they is some form of exchange and consequences you will be need bare under such cases.


Propitiate with the Kappas are made by writing the names of their family members on a cucumber and throwing it into the river where the kappas lived. Kappas were viewed as part of the rural landscape. They were not attacked by humans, but on occasion Kappas attempted to strike deals with them.


Kappas do not live in big and deep water areas for you information by the way. They live in lakes, ponds, springs, wells, and irrigation waterways. They can depicted themselves as a snake, a dragon, an eel, a fish, or a turtle


Japanese Vampire Cat or Vampire Fox
怪猫 (時々狐の姿を見せる事もある)

Known as the Vampire Cat by some and The Vampire Fox by others.

A popular tale would be about the Vampire Cat of Nabeshima ! It basically tells a tale of a animal which is a cat but at sometimes a fox which took after a concubine of the prince's favourite after it had killed her.
Unknown to the Prince that his concubine, Otoyo was murdered and impersonated by this foul beast, he loved her and was very intimate with her. As a matter of time, the prince fell seriously ill as this beast sap the life of the prince every night while she had the guards fallen asleep.


However soon everything change when a young infantry soldier became the new guard and done extreme measures to keep himself awake and hence prevented the beast from it sapping away the prince's life. After some time, the prince gradually recovered for the better and the truth about this faked Otoyo concubine was discovered.


In all including the young soldier, there was 8 man send to kill this beast but had failed and the beast escaped ! The Prince issued out an order to hunt down this vampire. A great hunt was organized through out the nation and eventually reports was soon received that this vampire was finally killed.



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